4 Secrets to Learning Affiliate Marketing

by ryan

4 Secrets to Learning Affiliate Marketing


Secrets as to why you should learn Affiliate Marketing

It’s the dream of everyone to make a living online. Rising at mid-morning; setting your own hours; answering to nobody… and working as much or as little as makes you happy!

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Back in the days before the Internet became such an important part of life this sort of self-reliance was a pipe dream for most, dependent on the possession of a unique skill or talent strong enough to allow a person to break out of the rat race and make it on their own.

Today, though, anybody with enough drive, determination and willingness to learn can escape the 9 to 5 and make a living online. It’s not an easy path, by any means, but those who have walked it know that it isn’t quite as difficult as many would have you believe.

Finding Your Place Online

In fact, these days you don’t even need an original business idea to make a comfortable online living. You don’t need to be the next Zuckerberg, Jobs or Gates. All you need is the drive to push on through the difficult early days. You need the determination to work long hours (at the beginning, at least) without any guarantee of success, and the perseverance to keep going until you find the perfect niche.

The world of affiliate marketing is, despite appearances, just like the world outside your door. It’s a world in which hard work pays off. A world in which there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and a world in which the winners are those who understand the rules of the game.

It would be impossible to teach a beginner how to become an affiliate marketing genius in just one article, but we can set you on the right track with a few tips…

4 Secrets to Learning Affiliate Marketing

1. Trust is Key

How many times have you come across an affiliate site that lists every product they promote as ‘the best’? These sites are everywhere, offering reviews of consumer products and awarding each one five stars in the hope that readers will click through and buy.

The creators of these sites have forgotten one thing: trust. They’ve forgotten that a lot of readers are looking online for honest reviews of products before they spend their hard-earned money. They don’t realize that the moment a reader sees that every product on a site has a stellar review they’ll not only refuse to click any affiliate links, but they’ll more than likely hit the back button and never return…

If you want to build affiliate sites you need to consider how trustworthy your content seems. You need to weigh up the pros and cons of each product you promote, and offer a truly helpful review that will guide your readers towards the right choice. Without trust, you have nothing.

2. Add Value

On a similar note, you should consider whether your content actually adds anything useful to the discussion. Dozens of pages of affiliate links with little more than a few words describing each product offers nothing to the reader. There’s no incentive to click your links and buy your products, and more often than not you’ll find your readers clicking straight back to their search engine of choice in search of a better site.

Successful affiliate marketers fill their sites with valuable information. They publish comprehensive reviews of everything they promote – often several pages long – before they post their first affiliate link. This is what readers want and, though it takes more work and more time to create such useful content, it’s what will lead you to more sales.

3. Write timeless content

All too many marketers decide to chase the latest products, slapping up hastily-created sites to push the latest smartphones and HD televisions. They might even see a little success, but it’s a short sighted approach.

Affiliate marketing is for the long haul. A site should still be generating revenue ten years from now, so you need to market products that will still be relevant beyond next Christmas. Focus on perennial products that don’t have a sell by date. Too much work goes into a new site to see it become outdated and irrelevant within a year.

4. Get Help

Finally – and this is key – you shouldn’t go it alone. The Internet is full of help and advice for affiliate marketers, some good and some very, very bad. If you take a scattershot approach to your new business, stumbling on random advice to help you beat every challenge you face, the advice you’ll find will more than likely steer you down the wrong path.

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing you need to hitch your wagon to somebody who’s already walked the trail.

You need an expert with a proven record to offer a step-by-step guide; someone to warn you about the mistakes that are so easy to make (usually because the expert himself made them back when he was starting out). You need a real guru, and not just a random marketer with a few words of questionable advice.

This isn’t a journey suited for solo travelers. The most successful affiliate marketers are those who stand on the shoulders of giants.

Our personal success with affiliate marketing began after we started using a training program developed by an affiliate marketing guru with years of experience under his belt.

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