Affiliate Marketing Is Great

by ryan


Affiliate Marketing Is Great For Newbie Online Marketers


Internet marketing is available in a number of sizes and shapes. Without a doubt, it is unlimited. I am blessed and honored to have met so many savvy and amazing people in the Internet marketing arena, that I am constantly learning something new each day that provides value. This is also true in the case of affiliate marketing.

It wasn’t long ago my idea of affiliate marketing was just about generating cash. And that’s true… but to those you are marketing to you must also provide value. Consider this the recent marketing of pet pillows and new stuffed animals. Not only is the vendor selling these stuffed animals directly to a targeted audience, but their affiliates are to. Here’s what I think, affiliates are adding value because they’re adding on to the size of the marketplace and at the same time making the market more competitive.

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Affiliate marketing is just like an offline brick and mortar business. In order to become successful competition is keen. If you promote your service or product around a successful service or product this only expands the market. Competition levels rise and this is what really makes the cost of doing business lower.

For me, affiliate marketing is in the same ballpark. Competition forces us to use resources effectively and this makes the market competitive. Costs are lowered and forces the vendor to provide additional value to their product, if they want the business. Affiliate marketing is big business, if you don’t, believe me take a look at Clickbank and Commission Junction and you’ll find affiliates for just about any industry.



If you haven’t found affiliate marketing to be an important part of your online marketing efforts, I suggest you take another look.

If you’re a supplier and want to expand your distribution, or an affiliate marketer looking to resell products, affiliate marketing adds value to the arena of online marketing.


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