Clickbank Part 3

by ryan

How To Make Money With Clickbank Part 3



I am going to assume that you have some idea of how to do keyword research and building keyword research. An entire 150 – 200 page book could be written on how to do effective keyword research.

We will be touching on just a few basics. I’ll show you a few tools that I use and also how I segment my keyword lists for video traffic. I’m not going into extreme detail.

I build many types of keyword lists when I start any type of campaign online. For the purposes of this method of traffic (Video Traffic) I will be using large lists exact match and terms mixed in to pull traffic to my videos from Youtube and Google.

I have been doing it this way for years and it continues to bring me great results.

There are methods for ranking 1 single video on the first page of Google but that is also beyond the scope of this E-book.

Let’s get started.

Step 1- Quick and easy keyword lists using the Google Keyword tool

We are going to be targeting people online who play Hayden’s World Of Warcraft and are very active serious players. We are also going to be targeting newbies to the Hayden’s World Of Warcraft Game.

We will be building lists like make Hayden’s World Of Warcraft Secret Gold Guide review, how to play Hayden’s World Of Warcraft, Hayden’s World Of Warcraft Tips, Hayden’s World Of Warcraft Gameplay Etc.

Go to this link – Google Keyword tool

Plug these types of keywords into the Google Keyword tool and start generating your lists.


Be sure to set the matches to exact match in the Google keyword tool.

Generate your lists and build out until you have a master list of 500 – 1000 keywords that are related to the Hayden’s World Of Warcraft Secret Gold Guide. Also, expand out into more broader keywords to help you generate more keywords.

The are many, many keyword tools available for free to help you achieve this.

The goal is to bring in as much targeted traffic as possible that has anything to do with
Hayden’s World Of Warcraft.

We want to build out lists up and more importantly build our buyers list and make sales fast!!

Preferably newbies but we can also convert non newbies by sending them different offers on related products.

Simply copy and paste as many keywords that you can find into these lists.

Another tool you should consider using is the  Traffic Travis Keyword Tool! I highly recommend that you download this gem now and add it to your arsenal.

You can download it here: -> Traffic Travis Keyword Tool.

Download the software free and start building out your keyword lists quickly.

In order to generate keywords you must have a Google Adwords account. If you do not
have one yet set one up It’s free and really easy to set up.

Also, with the free version of Traffic Travis you will only be able to generate keyword list of 50 – 100. To Generate lists in the 1,000s you must have the PRO Version.


I highly recommend that you download the software. It’s totally free to start using it and
there are other great features that can help you in your marketing efforts.

Traffic Travis Keyword Research Tool

Download it here: ->  Traffic Travis Keyword Tool


Keyword tool # 3 is the  Youtube Free Keyword tool. A lot of newer online marketers don’t know that this keyword tool exists. I’ve been using it for years and I absolutely love it.

It only makes sense that we use this tool as well since most of our traffic is going to be coming from youtube.

See it Here – > Youtube Keyword Be sure to bookmark it.


As you can see in the image above it’s very easy to start expanding your keyword lists with this tool. Plug in the keyword and you’re off to the races.

Simply click the add link to the right of the word and it will add them to a list on the right hand side. When finished, download the list to your computer as a text file and save it in your keyword lists folder.

Okay, so by now you should have a couple of hundred if not thousands of keywords to start your campaigns with.

STEP 4 – Click Here: Setting Up Your Clickbank Website

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