Clickbank Part 5

by ryan

Part 5


How To Make Money With Clickbank

Building a HUGE Email List With AWEBER

We are going to be using AWEBER email marketing tool to  build huge subscriber list and also follow up with them to make sales.

Note! You must have an Autoresponder software program in order to make this work. This is real money we are talking about here and a real business with real costs.

You need to invest in building email lists if your serious about making money online and building an online business.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1 – Get started with AWEBER for $1. That’s right! Get all the power of an email
marketing service for only $1 for your first month.

Sign up to AWEBER here – > AWEBER Sign up page.

If you already have AWEBER Account then please move on to creating the email list.

Step 2 – Setting Up the Email List

If you already have experience setting up an email list and want to skip this section. You can move onto the Youtube traffic module.


Log into your AWEBER dashboard and click the “create and manage lists” link at the top of the page.

Next you should see a Big Green button. Click “Create list” to get started.


Name your list something that is related to the niche or specific to the product or products your promoting.list you will be creating. You will be the only one to see this list name so down worry too much about it.

Next, Give your list a “List Description.” Your subscribers will be able to see this. So, name it something that you don’t mind them seeing.

In the From name I recommend using your real name. Your trying to build a relationship with these subscribers and eventually make sales so start the relationship off right. If you’d like to use a pen name that’s fine too though. 🙂

Next enter in the email that you’d like notifications sent to when you get a new subscriber.

Now its time to create a little branding for your list. Enter in some type of business name. This can be a basic “WOW SECRETS GUIDES” or something like “Game Guides Reviewed for you”


Next, , enter in your new website URL in the website URL field and enter in a signature below. I recommend adding an image as seen in the image above. This will build more value towards your list and also add additional branding.

The more unique the branding is to your list the better.

Just One more final step.

Remember the tracking link that we created earlier on when we were on the Clickank website? The link should be in your text file. Simply copy and paste that link into the “Confirmation Success page URL”field.

After your new subscriber opts into your list they will receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription.

As soon as they click the link they will be sent to the confirmation link ( your affiliate link ) immediately and you will start to see sales coming in.


Now let me just say that much can be done with this. For example, instead of sending your subscribers to a CLICKBANK offer, consider sending them to a “ONE TIME OFFER” or an affiliate link that pays you immediately via Paypal.

To find offers that payout via paypal instantly check out and Warrior Plus.

Sign up as an affiliate and start looking for products that you might want to promote as a one time offer ( OTO ).

Lets continue… :)

Step 3 – Follow up Email & Emails


The follow up email is pretty self explanatory. A simple welcome in the subject line with a reference of what the subscriber opted in for will do.

In this email were going to keep it really simple and short.

A brief intro of whats to come while they will be on the email list will be fine. Let your new lead/ subscriber know that there in for some great content on daily basis. Include another link in this email to the product that you are promoting.

NOTE: If your offering a freebie in exchange for the opt in then simply include the download link in the follow up email.

Be sure to add 20 – 30 pre written emails in this list. In the first 10 email send the subscriber informative interesting content. Maybe even some Free PLR stuff too. The next ten should be informative but with also soft sells to related products.

The last ten should be emails directly promoting various offers.

Look for email swipes in the affiliate tools section for the products your promoting, be sure you edit and personalize them a bit.

Okay save your settings and BOOM, your list is now created and you are ready to start building subscribers and making sales.

All that is left now is to create the squeeze page and start sending traffic to it.


Step 5 – How TO Set Up A Squeeze Page

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