Creating Internet Marketing Strategies

by ryan

How To Set up Great Internet Marketing Strategies


Just as a person’s food may be poison to another person, similarly one Internet marketing strategy may not be the most effective for another business or website. Therefore it is very important to recognize the business you have at end and devise Internet marketing strategies that are fruitful to it. Also we have to make sure that are Internet Marketing strategies are not confined to traditional modes but is constantly improving with the consistent growth in Internet marketing.

Internet marketing strategies must always be devised b studying the nature of the website first and the purpose of it on the Internet. For instance a blog on blogspot may not have been established as a primary sales blog but may be a personal or a completely informational structure and hence this blog running on blog spot will require a totally different Internet marketing strategy as opposed to the strategies that will be implemented in an eCommerce store.

Classify Online Businesses and Devise Corresponding Marketing Strategies:

One can classify after the identifying the online businesses and other web presences and carefully map out Internet marketing strategies that can be customized to them. You can divide the various kinds of online presences on the basis of their end goal or objective of being present on the Internet in the first place. On this basis you can have:

1) eCommerce websites – These websites that offering either products or services at a cost. Items or services on such websites are purchasable which means that it falls under the category of retailing. Which further means that online retailing will demand Internet Marketing strategies that are sales oriented, and result in more buying. As an Internet marketer you will have to implement search engine optimization, content marketing, PPC and social media marketing very aggressively after evaluating the competition to achieve a positive ROI for eCommerce websites or businesses.

2) Informational Websites – Now there are informational portals online that need to reach out to people and make them aware about their existence. In such cases, your Internet marketing strategies will vary a lot from the strategies implemented in eCommerce marketing. Simply Internet marketing such as SEO or social media can suffice for such types of websites. However there are many who are willing to invest more and implement PPC for such websites.

3) Personal Blog or website – Such web presences are not elaborate and hence do not require elaborate Internet marketing strategies. Most of the times people owning such websites indulge only in social media marketing create fan pages and generate more likeness meters without spending much. As their goal is not to sell but garner as much exposure as possible.

What is evident from the above classification is that Internet marketing strategies are much dependent on the purpose of the online presence as much as it is on the business of the website. Having said that it is also important to note that there are not water-tight compartments wherein you can demarcate a particular kind of Internet marketing strategy for a particular website online, as all the services can be utilized to their maximum potential for all kinds of online clients and websites depending on their need to market and the message they want to convey.

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