Finding Your Perfect Niche

by ryan

Finding Your Perfect Niche For Affiliate Marketing


Trying to find a profitable niche market to exploit? You would have heard many marketers talk of jumping to keyword research using some keyword database or keyword tool. But if you’re a new affiliate marketer, I certainly wouldn’t advise that.

Affiliate marketing is a vast and ever-growing field of Internet marketing, and in order to be successful, you first have to come up with a niche that you would enjoy embracing and sticking with it for years to come. Don’t look at it as an overnight stand, because it isn’t!

The big money for an affiliate marketer lies in finding the right niche – a niche market that is right for “you.” So, coming back to “how to find the right niche,” let’s look at the whole thing simply as doing something you enjoy or have a passion for.

Find things you’re interested in, things you are good at, and things where you can make money.

Your Interests

Basically, you need to make a list of things you really like doing. You may love singing or writing. You may have a passion for football. You may love everything computer-related. Your adrenalin may start pumping when you play Golf.

Do whatever it takes to analyze your interests and jot them down. Unless you’re a vegetable or have been in hibernation all these years, there is no excuse. Just find you interests. You have to do this as a new affiliate marketer.

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Your Capabilities

Here you’re going to make a list of things you know you’re good at. Do any of your friends or family ask you for advice on something? May be you always win at that video game you play with your friends. Or are you the unofficial master of ceremonies wherever you go?

There you go – you now know what you’re good at. You may be good at Law but you may not really enjoy pursuing it. That’s your capability and your knowledge, but not your interest. But put it down nevertheless; after all you spent time learning it.

Money Making Possibilities

The beauty of being an affiliate marketer is the ability to make money from almost any niche. You just got to show enough interest and motivation to build your business.

From the two lists you made, maintain a healthy balance and choose topics and make a third list listing only those niches you want to work with and you feel you can make money from.

The third and final list should contain everything you are good at, enjoy working on and where you see a potential to make money as an affiliate marketer.

The beauty of getting into a niche market that you have knowledge in is the advantage of entering it as a creator of your own products or services, which can add to your income stream. If you’re a food junkie and enjoy cooking, you can also write your own cook books, while being an affiliate marketer.

This is the beauty of the Internet. With enough imagination you can attract enough traffic and make money being an affiliate marketer. But in order to get there, the above mentioned exercise is a must.

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