How to Build a Marketing Plan in 7 Sentences

by ryan

How to Build a Marketing Plan in 7 Sentences


With everything set out to achieve we need a plan. However, creating a marketing plan for most small business owners seems like an an insurmountable task because they believe that they just do not have time to spend hours creating a 200 or so page document which will ultimately end up gathering dust in the bottom of the drawer somewhere.You are here

But what if I told you that your marketing plan could be as simple as seven sentences.

Before you start this marketing plan though you need to get the right mindset. Practice thinking big. Open your mind and your imagination to all possibilities for your venture. Then create your strategies using the seven simple sentences.

Create Your Own Website

1. What is the purpose of the marketing campaign, what physical action do you want your prospective target audience to take, such as visiting your website or taking up an offer.

2. How will you achieve this. What are your competitive benefits and advantages.

3. Who are your target audience or markets.

4. The marketing tools you will use.

5. Your market niche, position and what you stand for.

6. The identity of your business (your brand).

7. Your budget which should be calculated as a percentage of your initiatives expected gross revenue.

Once you have identified the above points in your plan, you can expand on particular areas that you wish to focus on. As you do this remember that your main objective is to maximise your profits.

Your expanded plan should include your long term vision and your vision for the near future. This will identify your goals.

Remember, a Goal is a dream with a deadline.

Final tip

Finally, and he’s the real secret. Once you have your marketing plan in place, act on it don’t just sit and look at it and tweak it. Tweaking can be done along the way but you need to get it into action. Remember this, your competitors are getting smarter and smarter every day so you need to increase, enhance and expand your marketing attack.

Think about what other avenues and marketing tools you could use. Marketing is changing on a daily basis. So what new tactics and techniques could you use to get a bigger bang for your buck?










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