How to Get A Ton of TRAFFIC With Youtube Videos

by ryan

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How to Get A Ton of TRAFFIC With Youtube Videos

There is TON of Traffic on youtube. If you’re not using Youtube to drive traffic to your money sites and websites you should be.

There is a lot of money to be made and enough room for everyone to get a piece of the pie.

For this method we are going to need a piece of software called Youtube Downloader and Converter. It’s 100% free and can be downloaded here – YTD Downloader FREE

Download it and install it on your computer. Next, create a Youtube account.

Create your channel and give the channel a username. Something like WOWSecretsGuides if it’s available will do just fine.

Okay, so here the cool part about this method.

The basic strategy is this:

We are going to be downloading videos that are already on youtube about the product we are promoting and re uploading them using different Titles and Keywords.

YES! Now I will say that if you have a personal issue with this and do not want to download other people’s videos, I understand. Simply create your own videos or pay to have someone create them for you.

A word of caution some of your channels might get deleted or banned after a few months due to copyright issues – who cares…

we are going to be creating dozens of channels and thousands of videos..

so, it won’t matter much if a channel gets deleted here and there. 😉

If you want to go fast and get a lot of accounts created quickly hire an outsourcer to create the youtube accounts and upload the videos for you.

Let’s Get started!

Step 1 – Head on over to “settings” inside your new youtube channel. Click the “defaults” link on the Left sidebar.


Remember those keyword lists we created earlier…? Here is where they come into play.

Enter in a description with the link back to your squeeze page as show in the image above.

Add list of keywords to the tags field.

Give it a category ( change the category frequently as well )

For every batch of 10 – 15 videos we will changing the keywords. So, after the first batch is done uploading go back into defaults and add new categories descriptions etc……

After the first 100 videos are uploaded it’s time to Ping your channel. Ping the Main URL of your channel at the websites below.

Rules To Follow

1 – Only 500 Videos MAX per channel.

2 – Never upload more the 10 – 15 videos per time. Try not to upload all 500 in the same day.  ( create 10 channels, upload 100 per channel per day for 5 days ) You will have
5,000 videos bringing you traffic at the end of the 5 days. :)

3 – Do not use large Video Files.

4 – Always change keywords per 10 – 15 videos

5 – Rinse and repeat!

Do this for many different products on Clickbank, sit back and watch the sales notifications come pouring in….

Get out there and make some money! This method is powerful and is PROVEN TO WORK!!

Thanks for reading & Good Luck

Ryan Lima

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Aweber Signup – $1 Trial

Hostgator One of the Best Hosting Company

Namecheap – Domain Name Register

Do this for a month and you’ll be getting 30-40 + subscribers per day and hundreds of HOPS per months witch equals Lots of Sales on a daily basis.

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