How To Make Money With Clickbank

by ryan

Part 2

As you can see from the image above I chose to promote the Hayden’s WOW Secret Gold Guide product. It’s been on the first page of Clickbank in this category for a while now..

It’s a great product and it has everything we are looking for in a product.

It has a high payout of up to $28.50

A rebill of 45% with a pretty decent Gravity

& very low refund rates

Now that we have product 1 lets grab the affiliate link and set up the tracking. Tracking every sale that you make is very important in online business. When you know what’s working that will give you leverage to make even more money because at that point you can scale up and make more sales



Make sure your CLICKBANK ID is in the account nickname field and add the tracking. Open up a text file on your computer and add this link for when we need it later.

We will be using it when we are setting up out email list in Aweber.

If you want to branch out and sign up to other affiliate networks you can join networks like Shareasale,, CPA networks etc. That’s beyond the scope of this guide though.

We will just be focusing on CLICKBANK.

Understand that this method of building email lists, generating sales and creating buyers lists can be applied to many types of products and networks.

STEP 3 – Click Here – > Clickbank Keyword Research Step By Step

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