How To Set Up A Squeeze Page

by ryan

Step 6


How To Set Up A Squeeze Page

Now it’s time to create our squeeze page. There are a few rules I follow religiously when
creating a squeeze page. They are as follows.

1 – In Bold Red Main Benefit at the top of the Squeeze Page.

2 – An arrow pointing towards the opt in box below or to the right.

3 – Collect the names and emails – Always. Some markets might say just get the emails…I
guess it’s all preference.

4 – Never include a Spam notice! Why because there is no need to. Why bring up spam when we are trying to get the prospect to enter in their name and email.

5 – Double Opt in every time unless I’m building a list for CPA Offers.

6 – The most IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL! – Everything above the fold, or at least the
Benefit and Opt in Form.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – We are going to need a few free pieces of software to create our Squeeze Page and upload it to our server.

Go Here to Download it now – > Download Kompozer Free

Go Here to Download FTP – > Download Filezilla Free

Install both of these programs in your computer. I’m going to assume that most of you have an FTP software already and know how to upload the files.

If not there are a few tutorials and help files on the website to help you along.

1 – Open up Kompozer and start a new page. Name the Page title and save it somewhere on your desktop.

2 – Save the file with no spaces in between the words and save it as an HTML file as shown in the image below.

NOTE: There are many, many ways to create and set up a squeeze page or squeeze page funnel. I am simply showing you the easiest and fastest way to get it done using a free software tool.

As I mentioned before I live by Optimize press for most of my Squeeze pages and squeeze page funnels.

3 – Create the headline in Bold Impact or Tahoma Font.  Add the color Red or a variation of Red.

4 – Add a pre headline or Sub headline if you feel the need to.

5 – Next upload an image of an arrow. Let me just say that arrows really do help conversion rates. A nice BIG Red Arrow preferably animated should do the trick! Have a look here at one of my own squeeze pages to get some ideas. This one gets incredible
conversion rates.

Check it out here – > Squeeze Page 1

This squeeze page has lower conversion rates due to the fact that the opt in form is
below the fold.  ->  Squeeze Page 2

If you need some Ideas for your main Headline have a look at the Sales page to get some
Ideas. -> Secret Gold Guide Sales Page

As you can see In the example below I simply used the COPY on the sales page and just added a few things.

To add images to your documents in Kompozer simply paste in a URL from wherever the images are hosted.

A free resource to host your images is  imageshack and photobucket.

Note: I highly recommend that you host the images on your own servers.

Reason being the load time on the images might be slow with free hosting websites and also images get deleted and banned constantly.

Your Final Squeeze Page should look something like the image below.

Upload this document to your domain name.

If your domain name is then the URL should be : http://Yourdomainname/WowSecretsRevealed.html

tep 7 – How to Get Instant Traffic To your Squeeze Pages


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