How To Write Search Engine Optimized Articles

by ryan


How To Write Search Engine Optimized Articles


If you want to get the most amount of traffic from your article writing efforts then every one you write must be search engine optimized. The better you optimized your articles, the more people will find it, which means more traffic to your website. If you dont optimise your articles, then you are literally wasting your time and you will never drive enough traffic.

Before you start writing any article, you need to know that the keywords you are targeting, have enough exact searches per month to make a difference to your traffic. I always make sure that the keywords i research are exact and not broad, this can be configured in the left hand sidebar of the new google keyword tool or at the top dropdown menu of the original keyword tool.

Keyword Tools

I choose one keyword per article and then optimized my article specifically at that keyword. The keyword i would choose will have at least 500 exact searches per month. These are much easier to rank for, where as a keyword that is searched more, would be more competitive due to the amount of traffic available.

I would include the keyword within my title, plus a unique sentence to compliment it, i would add it twice within the summary of the article, and four times for a 300 word article. Its best to include the first keyword at the beginning of the article body, as this is what will be listed in the actual search engines, where as the summary is usually for the article directory only, which is why you would optimize timise both.

Where possible, you can also make the keywords bold by adding the tags. For example “keyword”. This will make the page more optimized as you are making it clear to the search engines that the keywords in bold are more important and will become more relevant.

By following the above, you will optimize your article not only for the search engine on the article directory, but for the major search engines also. To increase the rankings of your articles once listed, you can build backlinks to that specific article from other article directories. Now you know how to write search engine optimized articles.

Its much easier to get a first page ranking these days by using the power of a strong domain name such as ezine articles. You can get ranked ten times faster than you would for your own website as the ezine articles domain is more established and much more trusted by google. Use this to your advantage and see how well you can do by building backlinks to your articles.


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