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OptimizePress is a WordPress Theme aimed at internet marketers. The theme allows its users to quickly and efficiently build high quality professional squeeze pages, sales letters, launch pages, membership sites, one time offers and a great deal more besides.

As with any halfway decent theme, you don’t need coding ability or technical knowhow in order to use it. Everything in OptimizePress can easily be set-up via the built-in menus without ever having to touch a line of code.


OptimizePress has been developed by a man called James Dyson. Dyson is a millionaire internet marketer who has been working hard online since 2005. He knows what works.

So what can OptimizePress do for you? The short answer is it can build you sales pages, landing pages, product launch pages and if you add a WordPress plugin called WishList Member to it, membership sites. There are 10 squeeze page templates included to give you maximum flexibility when designing your site.

The theme looks clean, simple and modern. Much better than the crowded junk that a lot of website owners seem to be gravitating towards lately.

The back end menus include options for text boxes, bullet points, arrows and ticks, testimonials, buy now buttons and basically all the stuff you had to look around for ages to get (assuming you didn’t just nick it off someone else’s site).

It has a built in video player as well, which is useful. Videos are the weapon of choice for many these days, although a large number of people seem to miss the fact that badly put together videos will do more harm than good.

So how much does it cost? $97 or around £50 (depending on the days exchange rate). That’s the magic number for IM products at the moment, and it is reasonable. OptimizePress will take most people a lot further than an ugly ass $150 adsense theme that google will probably kick off their pages after a few months.

Is OptimizePress worth it?

If you’re a marketer, or a personal blogger who wants a theme with potential for easy monetization, then yes it is. And of course it’s on an unlimited site license. That’s as long as they’re your sites, as at the moment developers and site flippers will have to pay out a sum for each site they sell.

I don’t think internet marketing themes are the best for site flips though, better to buy a developers license with Headway and really apply yourself to learning its ins and outs.

However, for those of you whose primary aim is to make money online via product launches and internet marketing in general I strongly recommend checking out the OptimizePress demo video by clicking here, to get a feel for the theme.

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