Setting Up Your Clickbank Website

by ryan

STEP 4 –


Setting Up Your Clickbank Website/ Squeeze Pages

Now we are getting into the good stuff! Let’s go ahead and set up the website shall we.

I’m going to assume that you already have or know how to register a domain name and already have a hosting package setup.  If not, refer below for a few quick resources. I will not be walking you through the process. It is beyond the scope of this E-book.

Step 1 – If you do not have a registered domain go to NameCheap and purchase/register the domain name of your choice. .com, .org, .net or even .info will do fine.

I recommend getting a dot come domain but it’s up to you.

Be sure that it goes with the theme of the niche you’re promoting. For example were promoting a WOW Guide so register a domain that goes with that theme.


: or etc. It is completely up to you. Also, be sure not to register any trade marked words. Keep it simple.

Get a Domain name – Go here to get a domain name –

Let’s more on shall we.

Step 2 – Next you will need Hosting and I recommend  Hostgator 100% to sign up go to

Go here to get hosting for you website if needed –

Once you have WordPress installed you’ll need to log into your dashboard and install all the plugin listed below. Install and activate the plugins.

Essential Word press Plugins

As for the Theme on your WordPress Website I only use Premium themes but you don’t have to. There are thousands of free themes and you can download as many as you want and pick witch one works best for you.

Here is a quick list my favorite WordPress Themes Free and Premium below.

View all the WordPress Themes Here – > WordPress Themes List

Personally I use the Optimize Press Theme on most of my niche sites. If you take a look at my Cash Streams Overload Website it has the Optimize Press Theme Installed on it and it looks great! I can set up a website with a complete sales funnel in less than an hour.

Have a look for yourself, check out the amazing  Optimize Press Theme Here

Demo of the theme in action – Have a look here:  Cash Streams Overload

It only took me 5 minutes to set up this Squeeze page and it converts at over 43%. That a really good opt in rate. Also, like I said it was really easy and fast to set up.

One of the most amazing features about Optimize Press is that you can set up different styles of squeeze pages with only a few clicks. Have a look at the example below. This also took me only 5 minutes to set up and it converts at over 50% because everything is above the fold.

As you can see Optimize press is an Amazing theme to say the least. I highly recommend that you invest in this theme. Buy it and use it to make thousands of dollars in affiliate sales. It will pay for itself very quickly!

Take a look at my themes list on my Blog here:  Top WordPress Themes

Once your website is up and running and you have installed all required plugins and themes it’s time to create the squeeze page. But before that we must sign up for Aweber. This is a must!

Step 5 – Click Here – >>  Setting up Your Aweber Account

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