What is CPA Marketing

by ryan

So your wondering what CPA Marketing really is. CPA stands for ( Cost Per Action ) CPA Marketing

Lets me start off by saying that CPA Marketing is a VERY lucrative business. It is by far one of the easiest ways to make money online. Aside from getting people to click on your Adsense links, CPA marketing is right up there.

Anyone can literally start to make money online from their home within a few hours of being accepted to a CPA network and sending traffic to a CPA offer that converts well.

How to get started with CPA Marketing and CPA Offers

The first step to getting started in the CPA Marketing business is to have a website with some content on it. The best thing to do would be to create a your own website or Blog and create a few posts with some decent content on it. Add a few photos and make it look neat and organized.


Having your own website is important in getting accepted to a CPA Network. When you apply to cpa networks they are going to check to see that you aren’t a newbie in the CPA Marketing game and can actually send them good quality traffic.

Here are a few things the affiliate managers will screen for when looking at your application to join there network.

Getting Accepted to CPA Networks

1. Website ( preferably an Online Business related website )
2. Business Phone line that is active ( they will call you )
3. Familiarity with the CPA Marketing terms
4. SS# or an EIN #
5. Proof of Identity ( they will require a fax with photo ID )

Important Note: It is important that if you do apply to CAP Networks try and seem like a legitimate business entity. Do not make the mistake of giving the affiliate manager the impression that your just some guy or woman in a basement with a low end laptop hooked up to a dial up connection.

Be as professional as possible.

How much can you make with CPA Marketing?

The CPA Business is extremely lucrative and extremely competitive. How much anyone makes in this business will be the result of how much effort and focus they put into learning the business and getting quality traffic to the offers.

I have seen CPA Marketers make $10 – $20 per day all the way up to $100,000 Per day. Yes, you read that correctly and it is not a typo.. $100,000 Per Day with CPA Marketing.

Now, obviously any business that is generating that much revenue with CPA offers has many employees, capital and history in the business. That is the highest level of CPA Marketing. With hard work and serious focus you to can achieve similar results.

How to Get Traffic to your CPA Offers

Youtube Video Marketing Traffic

Youtube.com is one of my favorite free traffic strategies. Its fast, easy and the traffic starts coming in quickly if you get your keyword research right. Simply sign up for a few free youtube accounts and start uploading videos relevant to your offers. Be sure to place a link under each video back to your website.

Also, add a call to action in the video if possible. This will increase traffic and conversions.

Facebook Fan Pages For Traffic

Facebook fan pages are Very Powerful for driving traffic. If your interested in setting up an effective Facebook Fan page visit : Make Money With Facebook.

By setting up a community of targeted people and likes on your fan pages you can easily squeeze out  commissions daily by posting relevant content like photos, related content and running contests.

Those are two very powerful Traffic methods that anyone can start implementing today for free and possibly generating commissions.


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