What is Google Sniper 3.0 ?

by ryan

What is Google Sniper 3.0?


Google sniper, simply put, is the mother load of all Internet marketing information. For those who are not completely aware of what internet market is exactly, it is a way to promote something via the internet in order to make a sale.

You can sell your own products or you can sell someone else’s products for a commission on the sale. Google Sniper focuses on creating websites that are based around very specific topics that are known as niches.

The websites are built very simply and to make sure the user either buys the product or clicks and ad that will in turn get you a little bit of cash. The websites, however, are actually secondary. Google Sniper does a phenomenal job at helping you find the right “keyword” or “niche” to go after.

Then lastly, after you have a niche and a website built around that niche, there is the promotion or “SEO” on the website. This is when you beef up your rankings in the search engine to make sure the people who are searching for your niches find your site.

If you decide to make the investment in this program you will be getting a step-by-step plan centered around finding keywords then making and ranking a website that will generate a great passive income.

This course is comprised of over twenty videos that will actually take you step by step through the course exactly as George (the author) does when he creates these sniper sites. Along with the videos, if you are fan of reading, you will also get an eBook and manual.

The point of this whole course is to give you a holistic plan that will help you make a one-page site focused on targeting visitors and selling to those visitors.

What Will Google Sniper Do For You?

Before I answer this question I think it is important for you to know why so many people struggle to get a sliver of the billion-dollar internet industry. When many people set out on the journey of building a website they tend to go after niches and keywords that are at the “top of the tree,” which if achieved, would be very lucrative.


Some examples of these incredibly tough keywords are ones like “loose fat” or “make money online.” These keywords are very competitive and because they are so competitive it will take many years and countless dollars to make a site that is able to rank and compete with the sites that are up at the top of the search engines right now for those terms.

This course actually walks you through the process of finding the “low hanging fruit.” Remember those people who are going for the top of the tree? Well, you are going to be able to walk up to the tree, grab countless keywords and niches that no one is going after (since everyone else is fighting over the huge phrases at the top), and you are going to rank for these keywords with ease since there is no competition!

Now, again, you might still be wondering “what is it going to do for me if it’s going to help me rank small keywords that might only make a few bucks each day – that isn’t anything that will allow me to quit my day job.” That is the golden nugget of information that many people don’t have when building websites.

This course is going to show you how to make 5 or 10 of these sites in one day. Now is when I hope you are starting to see the financial possibilities. So I mentioned that one site might make a few bucks each day, well, if you can make 10 of those $3/day sites each day for 10 straight days, now you have one hundred sites each making you $3/day.

That is over $100,000/year. The beauty of this system is the fact that it is quick and precise — just like a sniper, once you get accustomed to the system, you will be off to the races.

Pros of Google Sniper

This is all you need to start making money: A lot of other programs will have you buy more software to make the job easier or other eBooks that give that “super special secret tip.” This is literally your one stop shop.

This program is really set up to teach how to go after a multitude of niches, however, if you are a business owner or are targeting local businesses, you can use this system to rank your site for your specific product or service.

The video course in Google Sniper is second to none. If you are a beginner in internet marketing and SEO or if you are a veteran you will pick up pieces of information that you never knew or never thought of as being important to an online business.


This course offers a great business model to follow. This is actually an unintended benefit of the course — it is not meant to be any kind of business model, but it discusses a lot about increasing your revenue and conversion rates. These topics are huge to those in the business world.
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So What Now?

Well, I am going to leave you with a couple scenarios to mull over as you recollect what you just read about this system. The first scenario is the person that says, “This just sounds like it is too good to be true,” and moves on to look for the next big thing that will make them a millionaire.

This person just did what 97% of people who try to make money online do — they moved on and kept looking. The second scenario is focused on the other 3%. This person actually takes action and says, “Well, I am going to give it a shot, work my butt off, and see what happens.”

Taking action and then continuing to work and tweak things as you go in this business is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. So what are you going to do, keep looking or take action?

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