What Is Internet Marketing

by ryan

What Is Internet Marketing


Wondering what the heck Internet Marketing is? Have you been pulling your hair out asking yourself what the hell is Internet Marketing all about??

I remember when I first came into this business I searched endlessly online to learn and discover exactly what Internet Marketing was and how it could make me money online.

In simplified terms Internet Marketing/ Online Marketing is the “promotion if products and services using the Internet” phew….

that was a mouth full huh??? Not really. As simple as this explanation sounds, Internet Marketing is a HUGE SUBJECT/ Industry.

Internet Marketing Categories

There are literally thousands of different books that cover internet marketing and all of its different categories and more an more are being written and created every day!

Lets not get overwhelmed though! Let me explain how you can use Internet Marketing/ Online Marketing to start putting money in your wallet right now.

Targeted Internet Traffic + High Converting Offer = Money In Your Bank Account

Below are Some Popular Categories in Internet Marketing that you may want to research further if you are considering maybe creating an Internet Marketing Business.

Website Creation

If you are going to be in Internet marketing in one way or another, at some point you will need a website or Blog to promote your product or service. Also, this is a great way yo build a relationship with the community and become an authority in your niche market.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very VERY lucrative business. There are thousands of ways to promote affiliate products and earn commissions online. Affiliate marketing is a powerful way yo create multiple income streams for yourself.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click is also known as cost per click advertising. Its an advertising business model in where an advertiser ( publishers ) sends traffic to any page online using paid ads. The publisher only pays when their ads are clicked.


Pay per click marketing is a skill that needs to be mastered if you want the ability to send traffic to an offer and be profitable. It takes practice and I don’t recommend it if your knew to this business.

There are a few PPC networks that are very popular, the 3 main ones are Facebook, Google Adwords and Yahoo Advertising at the moment.

Product Development/ Sales Funnel Development

Creating your own products is optional. Should you choose to do so it will be amazingly lucrative because you get most of the money and actually own an asset that will pay your for years to come.

Along with creating a product or service you will also need to master sales funnels and copyrighting. Some can be outsourced but you at least need to understand what everything is before doing so.


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