Guest Posting Step By Step For Bloggers

by ryan

Guest Posting Step By Step For Bloggers


Guest Posting Step to to follow!As a guest poster you will gain access to new readers, and potentially build more traffic for your own website.

You will also be giving my website’s readers the benefit of your knowledge and adding another perspective to the site.

Readership and article content

My readers are a combination of new webmasters looking to build their knowledge base and more experienced webmasters who want to develop their knowledge of website building, SEO and traffic generation.

We are looking for articles that deal with:

• Website Plugins and Software
• Website Design
• Search Engine Optimization
• Building Traffic Via Social Networks and Blogs
• Website Optimization
• AdSense Strategies


  • You must write and submit original, high quality, previously unpublished content.
  • Articles must not be product advertisements. If you own a product, contact me about a review.
  • You can link to your personal website at the end of every article you like (whilst my own posts are often nofollow, guest posts will be dofollow).
  • Internal linking to articles on this website is permitted and encouraged.
  • Limited external text hyperlinks are allowed if they are relevant. No affiliate links please.
  • Pictures and/or videos are permitted and recommended. Make sure you provide source information and do not use copyrighted images or videos. Flickr is a good source for creative commons pictures.
  • You must use good grammar and spelling. I reserve the right to edit posts with errors.
  • Articles should be no less that 400 and no more than 1000 words in length. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.
  • You must proactively respond to any comments on your articles. This will help readers and also help you to build a loyal readership.

How to get approved

To submit an article:

Register an account

Add your full name, a brief biography and a link to your site.

Get a gravatar and upload it. Accounts without a gravatar will be rejected.

Send me an email via the contact form, providing your account’s name. I will check it, and upgrade your status.

You can then submit your article.

Articles will be read and approved within 48 hours (except weekends).

Articles should be published within 7 days of approval.


As the author, you retain complete copyright of your work. You can insert a creative commons license at the end of your article if you wish.

By submitting an article to this website you agree to the publishing of said article on this domain.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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