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by ryan

Take Action And Start Blogging – The Second Step to Success


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The second step in the 3 Steps to Success formula is to Take Action or Execute the plan you have for success. In the first step to success, we learned that we must envision what we want our desired outcome to be with clarity. Now to move forward we must execute our vision of success.

But what kind of action, you may wonder? The action we take must be congruently aligned with our vision of success. If not, our vision will not come to fruition. Therefore, it is essential to create a plan of success, execute that plan each day, and continue to Take Action even when doubt and fear begin to creep in.

Devise a Plan to Take Action

To Take Action we must create a plan of success. Any goal or vision we have must have a plan attached to it. For the purposes of this post, I am going to use the execution plans I have used to write my two novels. For example, If your dream for success is to write a novel, then your plan must fall in line with your desired outcome. You can’t become a novelist without writing a novel. Therefore, you must create a plan.

First, you need to write down a general synopsis of what you want your novel to be about.The synopsis could be as short as a paragraph for a short novel or as long as a couple of pages for a longer novel. I do this with each novel I write because it gives me a road map of how I want to proceed with my writing plan.

Next, create an outline of the story. This could be completed in one setting or over the course of a few weeks. If it does take you more than a few days to outline your story, be sure to outline each day until your outline is complete.

Third, create a writing schedule and follow it Each Day. This is crucial.

The three steps above are what I use to create my novels, but they can be used and adapted to create an action plan for any vision you have for yourself, whether it is to become a musician, a professional athlete, a doctor, etc. There could be more steps in your action plan or less. The point being, whatever your plan to Take Action is it must be aligned with your vision or goal.

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Take Action Each Day to Keep Your Vision Alive

How many of us have written down our goal or vision for success, created a plan, executed it for a few days or weeks and then – BAM! – we stop? I know I have. And then we wonder why our dream died? Well, it’s because we didn’t continue to work on our vision each day. We killed it with our inaction.

This is probably the most important key to keep your vision alive. DON’T STOP!

Okay, you can maybe take one or two days off, relax a little. But anymore than that your vision will begin to die. Think of your goal as a living organism. The moment you stop feeding and watering your dream, it will start to die. So, keep your vision alive –


Take Action Even When Fear and Doubt Creep In

The two biggest viruses or killers to our dreams – I like to call them – are fear and doubt. The first culprit in the plot to kill our dreams is doubt.

He sets us up. Doubt starts when we don’t see immediate results. Then our mind begins to play tricks on us and the negative self-talk starts – You won’t make it. Or, You don’t have the talent to do it. Once we buy into this negative self-talk, fear takes over. Fear actually drives the knife into the hearts of our dreams because fear paralyzes us and causes inaction.

To overcome and defeat these two devils of failure, we must Take Action even when fear and doubt creep in. Stay the course each day, continually working on your dream. There have been days that I have felt doubt and fear. But the best cure for these disgusting viruses is to work, work, work. And you know what? Pretty soon these two killers of dreams retreat.

In conclusion, the fuel that drives our dreams is to Take Action every day. Create a plan of action to guide you on this incredible journey. And remember, never let doubt and fear stop you from achieving what we all deserve. Take Action and Start Living the Life you Deserve.

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