Thinking Too Hard

by ryan

Thinking Too Hard


It happens all too often in both social life and business: we take the harder, more complicated route to the finish line when the obvious, simpler solution was right in front of our faces.

We at Buzzoodle went through this a while back regarding one of our sites. Originally, we planned on this great site with lots of features. I began work on the page and we ran into snags here and there while spent a lot of time (and headache) working on it.

It wasn’t until recently that the answer to our problems was simple: a blog. It has all the functions we needed and was much faster and easier to integrate. The real kicker is that the level of quality is the same and may even generate even more traffic.

It is easy to get carried away and plan a big, complex project while envisioning some amazing product. Take a step back from a moment first and weigh your options. Is this really the way we should go? Can we do this simpler without any sacrifice to quality? Is is as, or possibly even more effective than our original plan?

Don’t let the hype of your own product/service ideas cloud your judgement and cause you to make hasty decisions. A better solution may be right under your nose.

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