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9 Professional Letterhead Templates and Business Card Designs


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If you are just starting out and wanting to save on costs by doing some of the work yourself the first thing you need to remember is this will not be for ever. So you should not worry so much about being stuck with business cards or stationary that you don’t want to use.

You can always change your mind and your stationary once the money starts rolling in but having something will give your business a professional look and feel and it will help you mentally commit to the business. It is kind of like burning your ships once you hit land. This keep you committed to the vision and goals of the new start up.

So here are some real ways to save a ton of money on printing essential business stationary.

Examples of Letterheads

Often when asked to do something creative like design a logo or a business card for a business we will say to ourselves but I am not creative and I can’t do anything artistic. However, if you take some time and use the power of the internet to do some research for you the job will be much easier and this is why. By using your favorite search engine you can do some research and find a ton of great examples of letterheads and even sample business cards.

Don’t worry so much about the final product but just start browsing to find the things you like. Compile all of these sources together and look them over. You might even want to print the out. Then see what is similar about each one and what you like about each one. They see if you can not start generating some ideas on your own. You will save a ton of money by making your own logo and letterhead.

Print Business Cards Online

There are a ton of printing companies on line that would love to have you’re as a long term customer. In fact they are so willing to work with you that if you search hard enough you can often find places that will print business cards for free or a very nominal fee. For your first set why not try one of these services out. They often will only rint in small amounts of 500 or so but if you are just starting the business you might not need that many cards anyway.


However, having them handy to pass out to people when you start making social contacts and meeting potential customers can be very handy. Who know you might be at the park with your son and meet the perfect customer for your business and you will want to have a business card to hand out quickly.



Hire a College Student

If you are really phobic about doing your own design you can always go to a local college and hire a art student to do the work for you. They are often more then willing to do the work for a very small fee or even for free. It is a good learning experience for them and something they can include in their portfolio.

Use a Freelance Site

In recent years their have been a ton of freelance websites that have popped up all over the internet. You can often post a job on one of these sites for a logo or letterhead design and then see what bids come in. Often there is a willing artist that wants to get a start on the site and needs good feedback and reviews so they will bid lower then the other artists to entice you to work with them. Use this to your advantage and hire them to do some of the work for you. Just make sure you provide the positive feedback they are hoping for.

Sample Letter head templates:







Use the Computer

If you used the method above to research some ideas you can easily draw up a simple letterhead and a logo for your business. Keep in mind, if you are not artistically inclined then just stick with something simple. Large shapes and abstract designs can often work very well. The logo doesn’t have to be incredible for your first stab at the business. So take some time and draw up some sketches and see what you get.


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