Personal Mission Statement

by ryan

Personal Mission Statement


What is Your Mission Statement for Your Life?

Why is it so vitally important do develop a personal mission statement ?

Why do major industry leaders such as Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Google, Facebook, YAHOO, et al and others-have corporate mission statements for their respective companies?

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Why are these companies so special in knowing the secrets in knowing how to succeed?

The answer lies in the fact that these successful companies have developed a smart goals centered focus approach in how they conduct their respective businesses.

These companies define the term leadership development in how they approach their respective business goals , as defined by the strategic plan , that they have in place for their companies.
Their overall purpose, and the value added substance that these mega corporations provide, not only to their employees, but more importantly, to the millions of global consumers who are readily buying their products and services every day.

These global corporate entities have created for themselves, their unique “Brand of One” in the products and services that they provide to the global consumer community. Brand recognition is a powerful marketing tool when marketing YOURSELF and/or your company’s products, services, and its values, but it also has to do with the overall strategic corporate mission of these global empires as well.

It does not matter whether you are a seasoned work at home business owner or you are a newbie who has developed the creative visualization in seeing your own entrepreneurship aspirations in the not so distant future.

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What Is Your God Given Purpose In Your Life?

Just as an everyday business has a mission and vision statement, that defines what these organizations are about, so too should you have a conceptualized mission and vision statement which identifies who you are. A well articulated mission statement which is clear and focused, can mean the difference between knowing the difference in how to succeed in life, or face the many failures that the majority of people in life will experience. Which side do you identify?

Having a mission statement helps you to articulate in simple business communication , what your career goals and long term business goals in life are.

A mission statement will cause you to think critically and objectively what is your purpose and overall goal for your life? What drives and motivates you to want to get up in the morning (besides having to pay your bills!) What are your life goals?

? What are you passionate about in life? What cause in your life that provides for you the self motivation to want to take action?

Are you contemplating a career change or just to further develop your professional skills? Are you thinking of starting your own home business?

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Does the idea of entrepreneurship stir some creative ideas in your head? These are specific life focused questions that only you can answer. I can guide you in the right direction as you discover or rediscover for yourself what gives you joy, and how to be happy in your life, but I can never answer for you in what you want to do and aspire to become-this is for you to discover….

While I agree that not necessarily penning down your thoughts, values, life purpose, and personal mission statement on paper will not automatically guarantee you will succeed, this process helps you to think critically and objectively on what you want to do with your life in general.

The chances however for a more successful outcome-are greatly enhanced in identifying your ultimate and purpose in life, in completing your objectives and goals-when you develop a personal mission statement which is succinct with meaning, purpose, and crystal clear smart goals objectives in achieving your life’s goals for yourself. Think of your mission statement as your personal road map that keeps you focused, and motivated as you go about reaching your life goals.

Do you know that nearly all Multinational companies operate within a corporate value statement that they operate by? Why should your life be any different? Why not develop a purposeful value statement for your life? What’s holding you back from becoming the real you that is waiting to be discovered? It’s not difficult and I will guide you through the major points in the process:

5 Simple Steps in Developing Your Personal Mission Statement:

1) Take your time as you formulate and develop your value statement. Your life is not static-your life is ever flowing, ever evolving, and changing. As you reflect upon the “now” of your life and where you want to go, think and reflect succinctly about your overall life mission and your values in life.

Try to limit your personal statement to no more than 2-3 sentences and no more than 30-40 words. An Example: “My Personal Mission in Life is to become a doctor, serving malnourished undeserved people living in the rural villages of South India.”
2) Your value statement should be focused towards the first 5-10 years of your career. This focused approach should really form the foundation of your overall purpose and mission for your life. If you’ve recently graduated and have not been working professionally that long-no problem-just refer to the first step above in formulating your personal statement for your life.

3) Write down on paper your value statement. Having a mission statement in life is not good enough-you need to write down on paper your life purpose and put in a place where you will see it every day such as on your bathroom mirror, taped to your refrigerator, or on your desk top computer monitor. Seeing is believing! If you can see your value statement every day written out in black and white-you are more likely to internalize and take the ACTION steps needed in getting you where you want to go!

4)Daily, read out loud and meditate upon your statement. You’re probably laughing at this concept but there is truth in positive affirmations-by believing in yourself what you set out to do and accomplish. If you can BELIEVE it You can ACHIEVE it? Yes….but… you also have to have the hope and faith in God and in yourself that you can achieve what you set out to accomplish in your life.
5) Accept the Fact That You May Need to Change and Modify Your personal statement over time.

Life is not static, life is evolving, ever changing, so do your dreams, goals and aspirations in life an even your life’s values. This is a normal healthy process.

Don’t think you are forever locked in what you wrote down 6 months ago.

Circumstances in your life do change, and so can your life’s goal and purpose in life.

Face this reality of life and adjust accordingly by revisiting the 5 step process if and when needed. Now it’s your turn.

What are your next steps?

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