How Anyone Can Get Subscribers And Build an Opt-In List

by ryan


How Anyone Can Get Subscribers And Build an Opt-In List


This is the most important lesson in this entire series.

If you read nothing else, read this lesson.

I’m not going to kid you. If you want to make money in online marketing, you need to follow all of our lessons, but the other lessons really mean nothing if you don’t take action and follow this particular lesson.

All the other lessons are important at increasing your profits, but this is THE lesson that ties it all together.

Okay, hopefully I have your attention. Let’s get down to the actual lessons that have put thousands and thousands of subscribers on our test lists. Some of these methods are new, and some are old. Internet marketing changes at the speed of light, so some of the things we have done in the past are dead and gone. If you are reading something here, it’s still working today as you read this.

If the particular plans in this lesson go bad, which does happen from time to time, we will replace them with newer plans.

We have your back and will continue to test and test until we have more and more plans for you to accomplish the main task, which is building your list.

I’m personally not the type of person that likes a lot of filler, so let’s get right down to business and show you how to build your list. At this time, there are four main plans that are working for all who try these techniques.

When I say “all,” I absolutely mean 100% of the people who closely follow and take action will build a list of opt-in subscribers. It’s not a maybe. It’s not “if you get lucky.” It will happen if you take action.

The key word is “try” in this lesson. If you don’t follow our plans, they certainly won’t help you. If you follow them to the letter, there is a ZERO chance that you will fail to build a list.

I’m as serious as a heart attack here. Only a retarded chimpanzee couldn’t get opt-in subscribers using the methods mapped out below. If you do this, you are a list owner starting this week.

As sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, some of you will procrastinate. Some will think it’s a waste of time because no one else has taught you real money-making tricks for free. These plans are real. And, no, these are not ideas or theories. They are real, step-by-step plans that leave nothing to doubt. Don’t be cynical since you can start and find out very quickly, even today, that we are telling the absolute truth with no surprises attached.

Before detailing these plans, bear in mind that you will need an autoresponder. If you don’t know how to set up an autoresponder, we have an entire lesson HERE on how to set up a Send Free autoresponder.

We now present a little list-building magic.

Plan 1: Viral List Builders

When you click to this site, pay careful attention to the
one-time special offer when you join.

Say hello to 5000 opt-in mailings every week.

Updated Portion Here:

Just as I predicted, I have come through again for you.
The subscribers are rolling in every 2 days. For example,
just today, I counted 19 more subscribers before I sent
out this lesson.

I’ve gotten hundreds since I sent this out the first time.
What are you waiting for? The time to build your list is

Now, the thing about this offer is that a lot of people are
skeptical. For instance, a lot of people think this is a

Well, if it were a safelist, it wouldn’t be very valuable.
It’s far better than that ASSUMING you take the special

Why? Because all others who join can only mail to their
downline. Safelists are a joke, though, because when everyone
gets to mail to everyone on the list, no one reads.

Now, once you join, it’s VERY important to understand how
to use your mailings.

1. Do NOT try to send someone to a sales page. That will not
work. Period.

2. DO send them to your lead generation page. Here is my
sample page:

3. DO mail out every two days with the same ad. Everyone
won’t see the ad the same time. This is a little different
than mailing to your own list. The goal is to have the
entire membership open the email and hopefully subscribe
to your list.

Well, that’s all there is to it. I’m only recommending this
as a way to build your private list. Yes, it takes some money
up front to get started, but the thousands of emails you will
send out should get you gobs of subscribers over the life of
this program.

If you follow exactly the design of my page above, I can
flatly say YOU WILL GET SUBSCRIBERS if you sign on with
your Diamond membership. It’s the hottest method going right
now for the average marketer.


Hope these tips help!

Talk Soon,


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