How To Make Money On Facebook

by ryan

How To Make Money Online With Facebook Lesson #2


In this Lesson #2 of Making Money Online With Facebook we will be creating a Facebook Group to further promote our websites, squeeze pages, other Facebook page etc.

Click Here “Create a Facebook Group” to create your Group.

Or Go Here:


Step By Step Facebook Group Setup

Step 1 – Create Group

Step 2 – Name your Group with your Keyword Phrase

Step 3 – Be sure to click your Group as to open.

Next add your friends to your group by typing in their names into the friends field. Invite as many as possible.


Once your Facebook Group is created now its time to add some content about the squeeze page/ Website to drive traffic.

Add a few posts to the Group timeline to fill up the Group Page.


As you can see in the image above, there is a lot that you can do with Facebook Groups.

Add content about your website into the About Tab, Create events online or offline with the Events tab, Add photos and tag mambers to drive traffic back to your group and add files to your group as well.

These are just a few things you can do to further optimize your Facebook Group.

Now its time to drive targeted traffic to your group.

For this we will be finding other groups that are similar to ours.

We will Join the other groups and post a link back to our group inside on the timelines. Some groups will require approval and others will not let you post inside the groups.

So, look for a group with a lot of activity and the ability to post your content.

The overall goal here is to simply DRIVE AS MUCH TRAFFIC AS POSSIBLE to your Website or Squeeze Pages.

Once the Facebook Pages and Groups are set up all that’s needed now it to simply send visitors to them and generate leads for what ever it is you are promoting.

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