Making Money Online With Facebook

by ryan

Making Money Online With Facebook


Before we go any further into Making Money Online With Facebook you need to download a Free HTML editor. We will be using this software to create amazing looking Squeeze pages inside Facebook Pages.

( ** For this lesson we will setting up the initial Facebook Fan Page that we will eventually be creating the Squeeze Page inside of. )

Visit the link below and download/ install the software on your desktop. – Html Editing Software. This is a great program I use almost every week to create my Opt in pages, and thank you pages. ( We will need this for lesson # 3 see lesson 3 here )

Creating a fan page is very easy and can be very profitable if you know how to monetize it.

I have been using Facebook Fan Pages to promote CPA offers, Clickbank products and other affiliate programs from CJ.COM or Amazon.COM.

You can create as many fan pages as you can think of.

I personally have about 300 + different fan pages spread out throughout various niches. I spread my fan pages out using multiple Facebook accounts and suggest you do the same.

I believe you are only allowed 5 per proxy or IP. If you run into trouble creating more than 5 visit and you can purchase about 20 accounts for $20 – $30.

In this section I am going to walk you through setting up your fan page the correct way for maximizing conversions.

How To Make Money On Facebook Step by Step

Step 1 Go Here to create a fan page:

Step 2 – Enter in the name of your page.  Remember to give it a name people will find attractive and want to join. Choose which ever category you would like your page to be under and create you official page.

Step 3 – The next step will be to add a photo to your fan page. Again you will want to choose a photo that you think others will find interesting and attractive.

Head on over to Google images or and search images for you fan page. You will only want to save the thumbnail size of the photo.

Do not choose an image too large or it won’t look right when you upload it. Try to keep the image size to about 200×300.

For this example and the examples throughout this e-book I will be using a weight loss example for a fan page.

See images below

Step 4 – In this step we are going to be adding what’s called the iframe tab formally called (Static FBML) to our fan page. The iframehot is a Facebook app that will allow you to add HTML code to your page and allow you to customize it in many different ways. go here to install the app.

View Images below

In the iframe host app you can add graphic, web pages and opt in forms to collect email addresses and build your lists.

Step 5 – Next, you will see an “Applications” link on the left, click that link. After you have added the app go to application.

Step 7 – Write in the title of you fan page in the Box Title.

The iframe host section is where we will be placing our html code. In the HTML section write anything you want at this point because we still need our webpage and opt in code and we don’t have it yet.

Step 8 – In this step we are going to adjust our page setting so that when a visitor comes to out fan page they will see the default landing page which will be out FBML tab.

You will notice the title of the iframehost at the top of your page. You can actually drag it over by click, hold and drag towards the center if you want but it really isn’t important.Congratulations you have just created a fan page the correct way and now we are on our way…

Once you get the hang of this you can literally create a fan page in 1 – 2 minutes.

( Next we will quickly create a facebook group to further promote the squeeze page )

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