Freelance Copyrighting Services and Samples

Freelance Copyrighting Services and Samples


This section contains information on each of the main types of projects which I carry out. It also includes some samples for each one, as the best way to tell if a copywriter is going to be suitable for your needs is to look at other projects which they have completed.

I divided this section into different categories, so you can easily find the information and the samples that are most relevant to your requirements. I don’t always see a copy of the finished thing after it has been printed or published, so whilst some samples show the completed item, other are just the text.

If you would like to see samples of anything which is not included here, please contact me and I’ll let you know if I have something that would be relevant.


There are a number of reasons why you might want to write an article, maybe for your own company newsletter, for your website, or for an external publication. Trade magazines especially are always on the lookout for good editorial. Either factual, such as a case study or something which gives specialist advice for example, or what they call an ‘opinion-piece’ where an industry expert is asked to give their opinion on a new product or service, or on where they think the marketplace is going.

Often these types of opportunities are offered to senior staff within organisations, but the problem comes if that person cannot write! You might have some really interesting information to communicate, but if you can’t get that onto a piece of paper in a logical, yet engaging and readable way, then you might miss a great marketing opportunity.

Which is where I come in of course. Whatever type of article you want to write, I can carry out an interview with you, in person or on the phone, and then write up a piece as if you had written it. It’s called ghost writing. As you will see from some of these samples, which appear to have been written by other people!

Case Studies

These are one of the best ways of demonstrating to potential customers exactly what you can do, and what your clients think of you. My service includes an initial call with yourself or your sales staff to gather background information on the project, followed by a telephone interview with your customer contact. I then write up the case study and see it through all stages of approval, giving you a final and approved Word document at the end of the day.

Once you have the complete case study, I can then prepare different versions of the piece for different purposes – e.g. magazine articles, press releases, shorter ‘snapshot’ case studies for direct mailing or whatever you require. These samples will hopefully give you an idea of the range of case studies which I have produced over the years.

Brochures and Leaflets

A company brochure or leaflet is one of the most basic marketing tools for any business. But, as with websites, sometimes the information that you want to include exists only in people’s brains, or across many and varied bits of paper and previously-produced documents. I can gather the information I need from these various sources, including talking to relevant people within your business, and then develop the copy that you need, without it taking hours of your time to write it all down.

Direct Mail

With the increase in email marketing, which is faster, cheaper and more trackable, good old fashioned snail-mail marketing has definitely taken a bit of a downturn. But there are times when it’s the right approach and in some cases can be infinitely more effective than an email. As with advertising though, it’s a case of making the words and the pictures work together, so I am always happy to work with a creative agency to develop both together, as has been the case with all of these samples.


There are two key elements to any advert, the words and the pictures! As a copywriter I can work independently to develop creative concepts for advertising from the ‘words’ side of things, but I’m equally happy to work with a creative agency to develop advertising concepts that involve the ‘pictures’ side of things as well. Just let me know what works best for you.


I often find that my clients simply don’t know where to begin when creating or updating a website. This is usually because most of the information they want to include only exists in someone‚Äôs brain or in many other random locations! So they simply don’t have the time to write it all down or decide how it should be structured. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. I’m happy to work from conversations we have, supported by any existing materials you can find, to gather the information I need in order to write the copy.

When writing websites you also have to think not only of what you actually want to say to your audience, but also how ‘search engine friendly’ the text is. This involves making sure that the language you use on the site, in titles and body text, reflects the kind of search phrases which people actually use to find companies like yours.

There are many search engine optimisation companies out there who can advise you on this. However, from a copywriting perspective, I always make sure that everything I write will be as search engine friendly as possible.


This last one is no longer live as the company was recently bought out, but it is still a good example and worth including.


These are a great way of communicating with both existing and potential new customers. A newsletter gives you the opportunity to talk to your audience about your business, telling them about new products and services, or new offers and promotions. The samples contained here are a mix of business-to-business and consumer-facing newsletters, from a range of business sectors.

Press Releases

I would never market myself as a PR specialist, as this is really more about ‘who you know’ than anything else. The main benefit of working with a PR company is that they have relationships with editors of whatever publications you are trying to get coverage in, so your release is more likely to get printed. They also have the writing skills to create the releases in the first place.

However, with trade PR (as opposed to consumer PR) the publications are generally much more specific, and far easier to get coverage in. So you may want to issue your own press releases rather than going through a PR company. I write press releases for a number of different clients, and can also submit these to the publications for you if you require.


Many people are able to make a pretty good attempt at carrying out their own copywriting in-house. But if it’s not your day job, then quite often the finished piece might just need a little ‘polish’ or some attention to sentence construction, punctuation, spelling and grammar. I am very happy to take your existing work and give it a final edit to make sure that everything reads correctly, or undertake a more thorough ‘overhaul’ if I think this is required (with your approval of course!) as Julian has outlined above.

I have not included samples in this section as it would be impossible to demonstrate exactly how the editing process works, short of doing a ‘before and after’ example, which I don’t think would be fair on any of my clients!

Marketing Support

In addition to copywriting, I also offer freelance marketing support services, primarily aimed at smaller businesses. In effect I act as a freelance marketing manager for companies that do not require a full time marketing manager, providing marketing advice and planning, database development, project management and so on. This involves advising on what you need to do and then help you to make it happen, as opposed to a marketing consultant who advises you on what to do and then charges you for that advice and walks away!