Advertising and Promoting your Freelance Writing Business

by ryan

Advertising and Promoting your Freelance Writing Business


Being a freelance writer has its ups and downs. You may not get rich from it but you can make a decent living with the right connections. Part of that comes from how you promote your business to the outside world.

Many writers get started with print publications. They submit articles to the local newspaper, organizational newsletters, or local magazines. Starting out can be slow.

One way to rev things up is to advertise and promote your business online. Millions of people search the Internet for a variety of things: customers, business partnerships, advertising, shopping, and information. You want to be where the people are in order to drum up customers for your business.

Promoting a freelance writing business can begin with social networking. It seems like everyone has a profile on MySpace and Facebook. From teenagers to professionals, it is the place to be if you want to be seen by others. Business professionals use these and other social networking sites to meet others in business.

Your profile is the place to boldly advertise your business. Talk about what you do and what you want to accomplish. Invite friends and family to visit your page. If you have other social networking pages, link to them so people can see more of you. You’d be surprised who might find you in one of these places.

Another way of promoting your freelance business is to join professional associations. These can be online and offline. Joining writer’s groups gives you a chance to have your work critiqued and to meet others who have been published. Pick their brain for professional advice on breaking into the market.

Online writer’s forums usually have sections devoted to writing opportunities. Here, fellow writers post writing jobs they have heard about or if they are advertising for writers. Opportunities are more likely to be legitimate here than just patrolling the Internet.

Start a website. It doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, those fancier websites don’t do as well, because no one can navigate through the fluff. Keep it simple and loaded with good content (written by you, of course). Have links to your website in your signature line on forums. Include it on any business cards you give out at writing conferences. Link to it on your social networking profile pages. Never miss an opportunity to put your name out there.

Submit articles to article directories. Choose relevant subjects of interest to the type of traffic you want to attract. In your bio box, mention your website address.

It will take some work to get your freelance writing business going. But don’t despair. Many companies are looking for good quality writers to writer compelling content, copy, and books for them.

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