Conflict Resolution Techniques

by ryan

Conflict Resolution Techniques


How Are You Doing In Conflict Resolution?

Conflict resolution or conflict management , and workplace conflict are unfortunately problems that affect all people, all organizations across the globe, and affects all aspects of human society.

Managing conflict affects everyone of us; whether you are a college student in your college planning stage of life, a home business owner in your work at home business , in your job pursuing your career goals , or working to manage and maintain your successful relationships , in your work or in your happy marriage , conflict resolution, managing conflict and workplace conflict are modern day realities that affect everyone of us.

About me , I have been providing goal setting for over ten years now, for private industry and individuals.

I firmly believe, one of the biggest reasons for conflict resolution, interpersonal conflict, and workplace conflict stems from a complete break-down in basic business communication for all those involved.

Many work places are so decentralized, that much interpersonal conflict, organizational conflict, and workplace conflict issues could easily be resolved if there was more of a synergistic approach in practicing effective communication including standardized business writing between all departments, and individuals at all times. However, this is rarely the case.

Foster Open Communication

Communication is key in avoiding criticism. However from my experience, many people are talking but are not actively listening to each other in managing conflict, and workplace conflict. Communicate words of appreciation, not words of anger….

As a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I believe firmly that the bible is our life guide for Godly living, and a way to avoid workplace conflict in managing conflict and conflict resolution for ourselves. However, you must develop the personal hope and faith in God and in your God given abilities in helping you to overcome conflict in your life.

Although you may have differing spiritual views than I, I challenge you to really understand and apply the biblical wisdom found in this simple but profound verse: James 1:19 My dear brothers and sisters, be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry.

This verse is a bigger parable for life living, and no doubt you can relate to this verse as well and apply its message in your own life in managing conflict, workplace conflict and conflict resolution. How you handle conflict both good bad and/or indifferent reflects strongly upon your character development , or lack thereof….

But are you really heeding its wisdom? There is a reason God created mankind with one mouth but two ears, . We should all be listening twice as much as we speak! However most of us are trying to talk down over the other person–trying to get their respective point across at all costs regardless of who is wrong or right, and without really listening to the other person or persons in the conflict management process. This is not only rude but very selfish self-serving motives. How are you doing in this area?

Treat Everyone with Mutual Respect and Dignity

This is probably common sense for most people, but this deserves repeating. I’ve worked for several international organizations where not-only did various departments not engage in regular dialogue and communication, but to a larger extent-completely distrusted each other even though they were all working on the same team. Attack the problem, not the person…

Working in this environment is counterproductive due to hostility and anger that will ensue which will lead to only failures. It is my opinion and observation that this is systemic for many NGO global organizations and a reason why there is such a tremendous need for conflict resolution and managing workplace conflict.

Everyone of us have personal biases–it is part of the human condition called sin, however one of the keys to managing conflict either at home or workplace conflict is to treat everyone with the same level of mutual respect and dignity. You expect people to treat you with mutual respect and dignity-why then would you think any differently towards others you work and interact with on a daily or weekly basis? What prejudice feelings or attitudes do you hold towards others?

If you are a senior manager in a key role, I challenge you in exercising effective leadership development skills in your position. I challenge you to be the leader you need to be by rising up to the responsibility that your position requires.

Sometimes doing the right thing is not always based upon the company’s bottom-line or what is expedient, but doing what is right in your heart, morally and ethically. It requires the self discipline of an effective leader in making the tough decisions regardless of the consequences that may follow.

Don’t Take things too Serious

Guess what, people are going to disappoint you and you are going to disappoint others-there is no escaping this fact in your quest in managing conflict and anger management . Look around you any given day, read the papers, listen to the news online or offline-the world is a very disappointing place. The world around us is experiencing daily workplace conflict, and conflict resolution on a global scale-which you and I are all apart.

You cannot change world events but you can change how you react and respond to events that impact you on an individual and personal basis by managing conflict and workplace conflict. Concentrate your efforts and actions on what you can do not on what you cannot. There is more that you can do then you cannot, so concentrate on these areas that you can do and change in managing conflict and workplace conflict for yourself.

And…. do not take too seriously if people offend and disappoint you, but to reflect instead on what you could have done differently to maybe see a different outcome in how people react to you in conflict management. Was it something you said or did that you could do or say differently? You can’t change people-but you can change your attitude in how people react to you in managing conflict and workplace conflict. There is a BIG difference.

Practice the 101% Principle at All Times in Conflict Management

There will be many times when you are at work when interpersonal conflict will arise either between you and another person or maybe between different departments regarding direction or outcome of a resolution and people will become agitated to the point that hatred may even ensue.

Effective anger management will nip this in the bud so it never becomes an issue. I always strive to inform people that you should work on the one thing-the 1 percent PART that everyone can agree on-and agree to work and resolve differences in how to get there later on in conflict management.

This is a win win for many reasons. First and foremost you agree on principle on one specific point, and many times the one point is the biggest or largest point-say an outcome for a proposal that you are working on as an example. If you agree on the outcome-that means everyone is on the same page.

Maybe you just need to work and fine tune your approach in getting there? It also invokes good will, mutual understanding, respect and team cohesiveness that you are moving forward in your conflict resolution, conflict management and workplace conflict.

However-too many are unwilling to move forward in conflict management because they see too many differences in approaches and/or methods that they can not see the agreements just the differences.

If they had just had the hope and faith to move the process forward, so many more opportunities could be realized instead of managing conflict, and workplace conflict instead of focusing on the bigger task at hand. How about you?

You just need the right positive attitude , a positive thinking mindset, and to have the self motivation to improve. Remember, the biggest room in the entire world is the room for self improvement.

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