How To Become an Internet Marketer

by ryan

How To Become an Internet Marketer Fast and Easy!


I feel that internet marketing is getting a pretty bad rap these days, primarily because most people who have tried it, are still in that “I’m still getting my feet wet” phase.Wet Feet

But think about it — what qualifies as “getting your feet wet” in internet marketing? At what point are your feet no longer wet?

Let’s say you put together a product, launched it, and made $500 or $1000. I did this back when I was first getting started in IM — but think about it. After that initial launch sales surge was over, the money for that product, expectantly, dwindled.

Thus, I’d probably be inclined to say, based on my own personal experience, that even launching a single semi-successful product still qualifies as “getting my feet wet,” simply because the income levels aren’t high (comparatively), and aren’t consistent.

That’s what I’d like to take a moment to talk about here — the process of changing from “getting your feet wet in internet marketing,” to “making total bank in internet marketing.”

1. Make room in your life for Internet Marketing

I know, I know, there’s a million products and WSO’s on how awesome it is to make $1000 per day, while lazing in a hammock in Bali sipping margaritas — But I challenge you to get in contact with ANYONE who is currently making a good living online, and ask him about how time he had to invest, to get where he currently is.

I GUARANTEE you that he will tell you about all his 12-15 hour days, about pulling the occasional all–nighter when something went wrong… and about the excitement of watching cash roll in and the freedom of owning your own schedule.

You see, being a successful internet marketer will require the hardest work you’ve ever done — but you’re in complete control the whole time, and when the money starts rolling in, you realize that it was all worth every second and every drop of sweat.

If you are sick of that “getting your feet wet” stage, you’ve got to shift into the mentality of serious, committed internet marketer. What I mean by that is this — Since internet marketing is now a legitimate part of your life, make room in your life for it. Here are some ideas:


Incorporate an exercise routine of some sort into your day. Exercising at some point during your day will play a HUGE roll in giving you that focus and commitment that you need while you’re doing “IM things,” which is crucial when you want success.

Buy some sweet headphones, or an awesome sound system

You’re going to be working at your computer, so why not make it enjoyable? Pull out grooveshark, Pandora, or any of your old favorite albums and viola! You’re got a great work environment!

Figure out a method for distraction elimination.

Yep, you’re pumped now, but at some point in the near future, you’re going to look at your list of current IM projects, and your’e going to think, “I want absolutely nothing to do with this.” This is when the distractions will take over. This moment is GOING to happen, so plan for it now! When you work, turn off your phone. There are programs that you can install on your computer that will actually turn off your computer’s internet access. You might want to look into this. Whatever it takes to eliminate as many distractions as you can, do it.

2. Set Goals

How in the world will you know when you’ve arrived, if you’ve never given yourself a destination? Furthermore, how will you even know where you are supposed to do, or what you are even supposed to do if you don’t have yourself a destination?

Goals are absolutely vital. In fact, if you don’t have 1 month, 2 month, and 4 month goals, I actually wouldn’t even consider you a serious internet marketer. I’m not trying to be cocky or haughty here, I’m just looking back over my own “feet wet” stage, and realized that nothing really starting moving for my until I started doing this. I started with a notepad, a calendar, and a 4 month goal. Then, I worked my way backwards through the calendar, writing in the calendar boxes detailed steps that I was going to need to do to get where I wanted to go. I was writing things like “create squeezepage,” “outline SEO report,” “buy solo ad,” and stuff like that into the calendar boxes; very specific actions. It wasn’t until I had done this – set goals for myself — that I really felt like I was getting anywhere.

3. Make a Plan

The calendar and a notepad is extremely vital for making a plan for yourself. A plain is significantly different from a goal, because the goal is simply your destination. A plan is the stepping stones you are going to be walking on to get to your destination.

In my old office, I had an old-school chalkboard hanging up on my back wall. It was very humble — complete with chalk and everything. I had this board divided up into several spaces. The left half of the chalkboard was taken up with a calendar of the current month — which I used to outline and plan all my due dates for the projects that my 4 month plan included. The right half of this chalkboard, however, was a jumble of thoughts, ideas, math equations, notions and intentions.

This was where the real money was made. Get those ideas as they come to you and write them down as they come, because you will forget! Incoorporate these ideas and “stepping stones” into your long-term plan as they come to do, but make sure that these ideas actually HELP your current goal.

4. Do it

No explanation needed here.Do it!

Quick recap: 1.

Make room in your life for internet marketing

2.Set goals.

3. Make a plan.

4. Do it. No rocket science required, no 7$ “how-to” product required. This is super basic, super essential, super RAW internet marketing. Make sure that you keep a laser focus.

Don’t get sidetracked by shiny objects. Other products might look awesome, but if you buy them, you might actually be shooting yourself in the foot, because you’ll be second guessing your current plan, wondering if you should scrap your current 4 month plan (and the answer to that, is don’t even think about it!).

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