Online Marketing for Offline Businesses

by ryan

Online Marketing for Offline Businesses


Generate new customers and leads, make money for your offline business with online marketing

One of the easiest ways ever to increase sales, reduce costs and build a customer base that you could create a lifetime value from
If i told you that this could be yours by making a decision today and have it all done for you would you want to know more or probably not?

I was in the bar with two friends have a pub meal, i went to order a couple of drinks from the bar as the waiter seemed a bit slow and i felt like stretching my legs anyway. Standing at the bar another guy with the same situation commented on the slow service, we got talking and within 10 minutes he is demanding my card and asking how soon i can come and talk with his area managers.

So what happened in that ten minutes?

Well, i told the truth about what i do, very briefly, and explained that due to the recession i had to reinvent myself and came up with a new business that would fit into the marketplace even in a recession and that would thrive.

He asked me 4 questions, this is approximately how the conversation went.
Him…I have started to notice you around here a lot recently, have you started working near here?
Me…I answered …yes i have started working around here, probably for only 3-4 more weeks and i will be off to another city to do the same thing.

Him … So you spend 3-4 weeks and then move on?, is it because business is bad that you have to go elsewhere or is it normal for you to move around so much
Me…Well, business is great, in fact its even better because i get to help business people during the recession to lower costs and increase sales and build lifetime value through better relationships with their existing and new clients…in fact its really great because i get to choose who to work with, we don’t take every client that shows interest. Is it something that you would want to know about?

Him…Really, that sounds incredible, what is it that you do, tell me about it!
Me…I specialize in online marketing for offline businesses. I take any type of traditional offline business, put them online, or if they are already online i improve their site, marketing and offer and i make them dominate their local marketplace for Google search and content.

I increase revenues, i build databases for them from the customers that they already have, and i drive highly targeted traffic to them, by using strategically chosen keywords and phrases, that i know are commercially motivated…its what i call money words or buying words.
The business gets to sell to these people repeatedly at a very low cost and its far more effective than yellow pages, radio ads, newspaper ads or any other form of media.

Him…That sounds really great but how much work is that for a typical business owner or manager and what are the costs?
Me…There is very little work for the business owner, i do all the work, we do for them video, article, press release, web 2.0, social bookmarking, twitter, facebook, bebo and other types on online marketing..we do it all for them. All the business owner has to do is make a decision and choose a package and watch as we dominate Google within 2-3 weeks.

As for the costs…They start from 500 for basic package and up to 5000 for the full package with monthly fees from 297 to 2000 and what we do is not a one off, advert, or a seasonal yellow pages big advert that doesn’t get noticed… What we do is there for life, its means dominating Google first page multiple times for the keywords that we have chosen and it brings in a bunch of business.

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