Keyword Research Software Review

by ryan

Keyword Research Software – Micro Niche Finder Review


Keyword research software is an essential tool required to carry out effective keyword research before committing to starting your own website business. The keyword software that I recently invested in is Micro Niche Finder and I have to say that it is by far the best keyword research software out there.

It is extremely easy and quick to find large groups of niche keywords with exact match monthly search volumes ranging from 1000 to even 165,000 local searches. The bigger keyword market can be researched even further to extract as many as 200 keywords per seed keyword.

It becomes much quicker to begin building more and more websites in different niche markets with this software tool Micro Niche Finder, and if you build a page for each keyword, the monetizing opportunites for such a big project become immense.

A very good strategy would involve researching keywords with higher ad costs for advertisers that are using Google Adsense to promote their own businesses.

As a publisher, one would earn 68% revenue share of the ad cost for each time a visitor clicked on one of the Google ads on a page with information about that keyword phrase. So if you manage to find a good keyword using Micro Niche Finder with an ad cost as high as £44 for instance, then you would earn about £29.92 per click.

I say “about” as these figures are only averages, so the actual amount earned does vary above and below this amount as it depends on many different variables such as the location of the visitor clicking on your ad and whether it matched the particular country you have reasearched for.

Once you know how to use Micro Niche Finder, researching keywords that are big niches becomes very simple. It helps you to pick out keywords with very low competition which have thousands of people searching Google for that phrase. Most of which have no competition at all. Meaning, it will be very easy to rank at the top of the search engines very quickly.

Top 10 rankings can be achieved within a matter of months, even within weeks in some cases but it depends on how low the competition is to expect results like this.

Realistically speaking though, the majority of the keywords that you do dig up using Micro Niche Finder will take about 4 to 6 months to achieve a top 3 ranking in the search engines, if not number one. That also goes for Google too. It all depends on what kind of link building strategy you decide to follow for your business.

You can try out this keyword research software tool risk free as Micro Niche Finder comes with its own 8 week money back guarantee.

So you will have plenty of time to test out the software and see for yourself just how powerful of a tool it really is.

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