Whistle While You Work

by ryan

Whistle While You Work


Companies go to great lengths to keep their customers happy, but what about their employees? Is your company doing anything to keep employees happy? There are several reasons why you should make sure your employees enjoy their job:

If they like their job, they are that much more motivated to higher quality products/services.

They are more likely to create positive buzz for your company. It’s much better to have an employee tell their friends about a good work day rather than how lousy everyone has been at work. Let them advocate your business for you.

More likely to stay with the company

Attract other candidates to work for your company.

How can you keep employees satisfied? The obvious one is having employees who enjoy their field, but there are some simple, little things you can do help keep them motivated:

First, and foremost, thank them. When they do good work, tell them! People like being recognized for their hard efforts. It doesn’t have to be anything to complicated, just a simple, “you did a really nice job on that”, or so will do.

The employee is a valuable part of the team. By letting them know this, they will feel much more motivated to do well. Let them feel like a significant part of the team. It’s human nature to want to feel like you have purpose and value.

Newsletters showing efforts and accomplishments of individuals. Just another way of show you care.

There are other ways of generating moral as well. In another company I worked for they tried their best to keep employees happy by having barbeques, newsletters, awards, and more. There are many ways to create a positive environment for your employees. If you want to improve the quality of your products/services, and your company, your employees are a great way to start.

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