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An Interview with Social Media Expert, Ryan. There’s been so much talk about Google+ but as an illustrator, I wanted to know what it could do for my business.

So, I went straight to the source and tried to juice out some answers from Social Media expert, Ryan.

Here’s my interview with Ryan:

1. Ryan, you’re really good at engaging and attracting clients over social media, what exactly do you do?

I’m always learning, but I try to make some kind of daily engagement with others on sites like Google+, notably potential prospects, ‘key influencers’, and what I call ‘key engagers’, or those who tend to be more active than others on these sites. This takes the form of comment-writing, ‘liking’ and ‘+1ing’ content that I like, sharing posts, tagging people, and so on.

All this serves to help others and make people aware of my presence, directing many to my profile.

2. Do you think it’s it essential for freelance illustrators to participate in Social Media to have a successful freelance business?

I would say it is an important component to the promotional schedule of any freelancer interested in attracting connections and clients, as well as furthering their career, if done in the right way.

What is happening in social media isn’t really anything new, it’s simply another communication tool that allows people to do more with less when it comes to communicating with people. There is a huge amount of value for businesses and independent workers in this.

3. What are the top current main social networking sites that you would recommend to illustrators whose main objective is to get more clients?

I would begin to put a great deal of focus on Google+. Despite people saying that people are not very active on there and not the same as Facebook, that’s because it isn’t.

Google+ is about engaging with others, and sharing insightful content, instead of a place to just have fun with friends. It’s much more professional, as well as being fun. As such it is the better platform, in my view, for freelancers looking to attract new work and new connections.

This, coupled with Twitter and LinkedIn can be very powerful indeed.

4. What tips do you have for freelance illustrators to fully participate in social media and how can we learn more about this?

The biggest tip I can give you is that, when it comes to promoting yourself and your work, it’s less about you, and more about what you can do for others to make their lives better. Actively add value and interest to others is what will make people notice you.

People switch off if they sense you are advertising, we are all too used to being bombarded by marketing messages. It’s ok to share the occasional update to what you are working on, but shift the balance over to sharing things that are genuinely interesting to others, and that add to the success of those you want to take notice of you.

My new online eCourse on using Google+ aimed specifically at freelancers, will tell you, step-by-step, how to do all this most effectively.

Thank you Ryan for taking time to share your expertise with us! I did my own review on the ECourse and I have included it in the Readings and Resources page here. Or if you prefer, you can purchase The Google+ Mastery Course directly at this link.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts about your experiences with Google+ by using the comment section below.

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