How much should I charge for my illustration services

by ryan

How much should I charge for my illustration services?


Online Illustration Business – I get this question a lot! I know it can be intimidating to quote your clients when you are new to the freelance world so hopefully I can ease some of your worries today.

The bad news is that I’m not going to give the answer most people are looking for.. you know, a list of all the illustration services and the fees. If you want that sort of information, go buy yourself a copy of the GAG Handbook. The good news is I’m going to give you something better and it’s all you’ll ever need! First you need to know that pricing is very personal and subjective to the Artist. Never underestimate the power of confidence; it is the very difference between a successful illustrator and a very poor one.

When you are asked to quote a project, do not give one until you are confident. If you are on the phone, ask the client to email you the project specs and rights and let them know that you’ll get back to them after reviewing all the information. NEVER give a quote when you are not confident in your numbers.

To decide on a price, consider what RIGHTS and USAGE your clients wants. It doesn’t matter how long it took you or how complicated it is. It could be a very easy illustration, and maybe it took you only a few hour.

Regardless, if “X” company wants to publish your art on billboards and want all the rights to your image, make sure you charge them more than you would for a spread illustration in a small circulation magazine.

The most important step!! Ask yourself, how do you personally feel about charging X dollars for the project? Let me reword.. If you were the successful illustrator that you always dreamed of, would you charge X dollars? Make sure that your decisions are aligned with your greater self-worth. If you believe that your services are worth X amount of dollars, you will attract those types of clients.

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