Need Help with your illustration career

by ryan

Need help with your illustration career for the New Year?


You started off your freelance illustration business with lots of fire and high expectations. One month passes by, half a year passes by and then a full year passes by and with not much work is coming in; you start to doubt yourself.

“Am I good enough?

Can I continue?

Should I just get a real job like everyone else?”

If illustration is your passion, my advice to you is to keep going to the best of your abilities and, lighten up. Lighten up on your expectations and practice cultivating positive energy about yourself.

Seek for advice and resources and educate yourself (I have a list of useful resources here and a list of online articles here). And finally be patient and trust that where you are right now is EXACTLY where you need to be and there is nothing more perfect and precious than this very moment.

There are many resources available online about becoming an illustrator but a lot of new illustrators I meet are still confused because the information is not detailed enough or not targeted towards their specific needs.

For this New Year, I’ve decided to get Drawing For Dollars actively running again and also work to create a step by step guide on how to kick start your illustration career.

Literally, it will be like me holding your hand and guiding you through. Let me know if this is something that you would be interested in purchasing as an Ebook by commenting or emailing us.

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