Daily Practices for Growth

by ryan

Daily Practices for Growth


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Too often, many of us go through life looking for the one thing that will make us happy. It could be anything from a more fulfilling relationship to a better job. The truth is that nothing outside of ourselves will bring us lasting happiness. True happiness begins within ourselves. And in order to be truly happy, one must continuously work on personal development.

Personal growth is the key to unlocking our potential, which then leads to service and helping others.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

~ Albert Einstein


Development Tactics

It has taken me 38 years to finally understand personal development. For the better part of my adult life, I have struggled with depression and anxiety. So much so, that I have been hospitalized twice because of two suicide attempts. I don’t share that with you to get sympathy, nor do I want you to feel sorry for me.

I share it with you to let you know that I have been there in the depths of sorrow. I’ve been there when it felt like there wasn’t hope. The more I have studied personal development, the more I have come to believe that in order to serve and help others reach their potential you need to invest in yourself.

To some, this may sound selfish. But it’s actually not. If you think about it, you really can’t help someone else if you are not healthy in the mind, body, and soul. It would be like a person who absolutely hates fishing and has never ever caught a fish in his life trying to teach you how to fish .

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

The key to helping others is to work on your personal development by investing in yourself. Investing in yourself would be comparable to investing in a business or other kind of venture. It takes discipline, hard work, and perseverance.

In the coming days, I will be writing articles on the following practices that I do each day to help me in my personal development.

1. Take Responsibility for your Words, Actions, and Thoughts

You may have heard the saying (I’m paraphrasing here, so please forgive me) – Don’t let life control you, control life. While things do happen to us that are out of our control at times, it is how we choose to react to those things that defines who we are. Are you a person that blames your failures on others? Or are you a person who recognizes that where you are in life is a result of your thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions?

2. Practice Gratitude Each Day

My struggle with depression and anxiety can become very exhausting. A lot of times, I have to push through the brick wall in order to move forward. Gratitude, I have found, makes that fight easier for me. It is the secret weapon that I use each and every day to battle these two enemies of personal development.

3. Read 30 Minutes of a Personal Development Book Each Day

Harry Truman once said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Reading a good book that focuses on personal development and growth for 30 minutes each day will unlock your mind to its full potential. After all, what you put into your mind will come out. Just like what you eat will be reflected on the outside. Junk in –> Junk out. Great in –> Greatness out.
4. Pray and/or Meditate Each Day

I have practiced prayer and meditation each day since I began my personal development journey 3 months ago. Fusing gratitude into my prayers, I have recognized an abundance of the blessings that God has given me. With meditation, I have noticed that my mind is calmer, and I am able to think more clearly.

5. Exercise at Least 30 Minutes per Day

We are composed of three different elements that all work as one – Mind, Body, and Soul. The three must be in harmony with one another. If any one of these is not inline with the other, we feel unbalanced, frustrated, and even angry. Some of us develop the mind and soul each day, but then we blame time for not working on our body. Others exercise every day but neglect the mind and soul. Exercising is a habit we must practice each day because it provides the energy and motivation to develop our minds and souls.


In closing, personal development is a journey that we must all practice if we have a true desire to help others. We must be shining examples to others and teach them through our own stories and struggles. By incorporating these 5 practices into your daily routine, you will notice increases in your energy levels, more confidence, more love, and a stronger desire to serve your fellow-man.

Stay plugged in for my next blog post on the first practice – Take Responsibility for Your Thoughts, Words, and Actions.

Until then… Invest in Yourself –> Make More Money –> Help Others,

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