Adding Routine SEO Tasks to Your Maintenance Schedule

by ryan

Adding Routine SEO Tasks to Your Maintenance Schedule


SEO maintenance will help you get an edge over your competitors

There should be a time that you have either achieved or have come close to your desired search engine ranking results. If your site niche isn’t in the main stream, taking a small break is an option for you. However, if your niche is highly competitive, there won’t be enough time for taking a rest.

Routine SEO tasks are needed regularly to monitor your competition. If you fail to do so, your competition could leave you in the dust! Therefore, you’ll want to add these routine tasks to your SEO maintenance schedule.

Be aware of your competition and their search engine rankings:

You can be assured that your competition is doing some type of SEO maintenance tasks. Therefore, you need to be aware of what techniques that they are implementing. It could consist of SEO tweaks, backlink building strategies that are pushing their site to the top of the SERPs. Furthermore, keeping a close eye on what is working for them, should also work for you as well. (Be Alert!)

Monitoring your website for crawling errors:

There are many things that can prevent your web from getting crawled by the search engines. Maybe, you have recently added a new SEO plugin or made changes to your robots.txt file. It could be that simple to trigger crawling errors! Therefore, it is a good idea that you monitor your site for crawling errors with Google’s, Webmaster Tools!

Using a sitemap and keeping it up to date:

A sitemap is used to help the search engines to find your page content. You need to make sure that the sitemap doesn’t have any issues due to style sheet errors. You can monitor your sitemap from with your Google’s Webmaster Tools account.

Checking your website for broken links:

If you blog is driven by the WordPress blogging platform, you can install the “Broken Link Checker” plugin that reports broken links. It is best to keep the amount of broken links and 404 page not found errors down to a minimum. If the search engines encounter too many of these errors, you could get penalized!

Keep track of the amount of pages that Google has in their index of your site:

There are quite a few things that can cause your site index number to fluctuate. Such things as, duplicate content, penalties that will cause a reduction of the amount of pages that are indexed.

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