Search engine optimization for 2017

by ryan

Search engine optimization for 2017


Search engine optimization is very important if you want your website to rank high in the search engine results. Search engine optimization results unlike the sponsored listings are organic and not paid. Therefore, to get among the top of the search engine results, one’s website and web-pages must be properly optimized for a variety of keywords so that when the user is searching a query relevant to your business, then your online store or website appears at least among the top ten results.

Although to get a website in the top results, it is imperative to note that only search engine optimization won’t help. It has to be coupled with other services and good user experience and only then can a website rank high in search engine results. And search engine optimization has to be very systematic if the website owner wants the desired results. To systematize it, certain areas of a website can be recognized and optimized so that their cumulative effects helps the website to rank well.

Search engine optimization must be executed on the following aspects of a website:

Webpages – From home page to the product page; every page on the website must be SEOed so that it has the potential to rank well in the search results. This does not only apply to content optimization but to the design and navigability of the web page as well. If a user stumbles on to your website and is not met by a formidable user experience then you will lose out on a major chunk of your potential customers.

Content on Webpages – This too needs to be treated as a ground for further search engine optimization so that both the google search engine bot and the user find the page extremely relative to the query he typed in. Use keywords very wisely when optimizing content. Also take special care of the structure and readability of the content. If either is missing then you will not be able to retain the user into buying or sharing information on your website. Every content page; even if it is a 404 error page must have a call to action.

Website Design & Structure – The design and structure of the website must coincide with the purpose of the website. It’s of utmost importance that the functionality of the website does not match up to its designs. Test the design in every browser before making it live or usable for the public.

Apart from the above must-optimize areas, you can do a lot with your blog, social media page to start getting the desired activity on your website.

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