Twitter Bans Spmmers

by ryan

Recently, Twitter had announced that they were planning to do some house cleaning. From what I have heard, the cleaning process will include flushing the toilet which is filling up with stinky spammer turds! It appears, ever since the traffic exploded at Twitter, it has become a major target for spammers, which offer nothing more than crap that stinks the place up. If you currently have an account on Twitter, you will have probably noticed that your followers count has decreased a bit. The main reason for this is, Twitter has started its house cleaning and the spammer turds are getting flushed down the toilet!

Twitter, had stated that VIA, Twitter!

for quite some time, that the followers and following stats were incorrect for some accounts. They are going to implement some changes that will resolve the issue. This should correct the issue with your sidebar count, not matching the follower and following pages on Twitter.

With the new changes, the follower count will decrease for some accounts that have a large following audience. Legitimate accounts, should not be affected and services interrupted.

So, what will the final aftermath be? After the cleanup process is completed, you might notice a drastic drop in your followers. It is my opinion that we will get a better picture of which Twitters are chasing the numbers, and not doing much in the way of maintenance to their followers list. From what I have seen so far, it has leveled the playing field and gives a better perspective of how many true followers you really have!

For this blogger, I haven’t seen much of a drop at all. However, this is probably because I spend time weekly flushing the spammer crap down the toilet to avoid a major turd build up!

This is a dramatization about toilets, and isn’t about any real toilets at Twitter. I am sure that the actual toilets at Twitter are well maintained and don’t stink.

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