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Satisfaction: I want neither too much nor too little – How to Seek “Your Standard”

In order to receive the best from life, it is essential to find the golden rule of “Your Standard”. Nothing is beyond your capabilities, once you realize the infinite possibilities of your inner self, but to realize “Your Standard” is to be satisfied.


Don’t mistake this to mean that you have to be satisfied with what has been called your “lot”.

It is false and untrue to accept your “lot” because you have been born into a special status of existence. Remember that all the cate¬gories of life—being “poor”, being of the “middle class”, or the “aristocracy”—are man-made; being man-made they are artificial and mean very little to those realities of life which come from within you.

Almost all our greatest men and women have escaped from their original “status” of life. Indeed, I need not even qualify this statement; it is perfectly correct and true to say that all have.

Those who have been born “aristo¬crats” have ignored the conventions that seemed to bind them, and have exerted the best that was in them for the good of mankind; those who have been born in the slums have risen above their environment, to become honored, respected and renowned.

It is not money alone which has spurred them on. It was something within them—a realization of the power within their own selves: this alone drove them on, this alone was their inspiration, this alone saved them from inertia or degradation.

Through their inspiration, which came from within themselves, the world was inspired. Nothing that is within you can be lost; nothing that is within yourself is spurned by the outer world. By the nature that inspires you, your life becomes worthwhile, not only to yourself but to those around you and even beyond. The thing that inspires you now becomes the future inspiration for those who follow you.

But you will have noted that this inner power is within all of us. We are all equally born with it; we all have an equal chance to make the best of it. But the aristocrat who could just live an easy, comfortable life, free from financial worry, is restless until he has used his inner power the best way he can; and the poor boy, who has had no worldly advantages, yet rises up to the same goal: both meet, shake hands, and become brothers: both achieve “Your Standard”.



“Your Standard” is something more, too. It is neither too much nor too little. Make the slogan of your life just this:

I want neither too much nor too little. If you want too much, you can never be satisfied, for the more you get the more you want, so that the inner rest¬lessness which is divine and is an inspiration, being abused, becomes treacherous and leads you astray; while if you have too little, your inner inspiration dies through lack of sustenance.

Ryan 🙂

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