Christian Letterhead Templates

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Christian Letterhead Templates


Well the simplest answer is yes! However read on to see why. Often businesses spend a great deal of money for branding and getting word of their business and brand out to customers. The hope is that by getting their logo and brand out in front of customers they will have a steady stream of customers coming to them. There is really quit a science to branding a business with everything from logos, letterhead, stationary, and business cards. This is something that many small businesses have learned from experience.

However when it comes to a Christian Church they often do not spend much time thinking about letterheads, business cards and brochures in order to brand their church. However, this is just important for businesses as it is for a Christian churches. It is even more important if the church is new or one that is trying to establish themselves in a new area and build their congregation.



The problem is many Church’s do not like to think as a business because they often are non profit organizations and they don’t think in terms of making money like a traditional business needs to. However, there are certain aspects to Church life that is very similar to running a small business. While the Church is not in the business of making money they do want a loyal congregation full of active members. To do this Church’s will need to turn to successful business practices and borrow some of the more successful techniques.

This does not mean they will have to advertise or take out a big billboard in their area. However, it does mean that some proper thought and planning should go into the Church’s letterhead and stationary. This article will outline some techniques for branding a church and developing a Christian letterhead.

Uniqueness The first thing that a church will want to do in order to form their brand is to think about what makes them unique. In business this is often referred to as a USP or Unique Selling Position. Of course you are not selling anything if you are a Christian organization however, it is important to still brainstorm what makes your church different. What types of services do you offer? What is the mission of the Church and what specialties do you offer people. For example you might be a young and hip church that has a really strong youth program. This would make the church stand out from some of the others and might attract certain groups of people to the Church. Spend some time brainstorming what makes you unique.

Then try to incorporate these ideas into your logo and letter head designs.

Design Considerations When consider the overall design for the branding efforts it might be important to hold some focus groups. Come up with some sketches and ideas and then hold focus group sessions with members of the congregation to get feedback. The more people that are involved in the process typically the better and more universal the logo and design will be.






It is important to focus on easily recognizable symbols. Keep things as simple as possible and make sure that the logo looks great in black and white as well as color. Also keep in mind that if any of the design is to intricate or detailed it might not reproduce well. So having a simple strong logo or letterhead design is typically the best way to go.

Components There are many different components to branding a Church. For example you will want to have a great Christian letterhead design, a logo, and a business card design to start with. You can always take things farther and develop Christian stationary with the logo included things like envelopes, post cards and brochures. To start your branding efforts focus on letterheads, business cards and a logo. Once that has been nailed down it is fairly simple to continue your branding efforts into other areas.

While not a for profit organization that is trying to attract paying customers a Christian church is nonetheless an organization that is in the business of sorts of attracting people. Just think about it in this way if the church did not have any members then there would be no church. The congregation is the lifeblood of the organization and having a strong church membership can really boost the message of the church and help spread the word of God far and wide.


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