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20 Daily Checklist Templates


Procrastination has nothing to do with disciplining yourself or ‘just doing it’ This is the most common misconception about procrastination and will instead achieve exactly the opposite of what you want. Let me explain:

The reason why human-beings procrastinate is to feel in control of their life. The act of rebelling against an oppressor, an authorative figure telling you what to do, is your way of regaining mastery over your own fate. Very much the same way kids throw a tantrum when their parents order them to do something, the procrastinator puts off tasks because he has come to harbor resentment against the thing to be done.

Why, you ask? Because in your admirable will and ambition to achieve your goals, rather ironically, you have created the only thing that can stop you from reaching your goals: a separate mental authority figure causing unneccessary internal strife. You have created a bully out of yourself.

Start listening to the way you talk to yourself; Instead of punishing yourself for not following up on things, you need to learn to let loose.

Adopt the belief that you have the natural tendency to work productively and act creatively.

Nobody needs to man up, shape up, or be disciplined. Stop framing the world as if it is a constant struggle to get things done, instead start viewing life as a sequence of awesomely fun and exciting things to work on.

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Tips for using a daily checklist

Recording is more imortant than changing at the start

Your top priority should be to start recording your habits. The bad habits you wish to drop and the good habits you wish to adopt. There is an old adage in management that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. The same applies to our personal behavior.

This is great news because recording our daily behavior (did we exercise, did we smoke, did we study etc) is much easier than actually changing it. And change it we will, but first simply record.

Start with laser focus

Concentrate with a laser like focus for the first thirty days on a couple of habits. Academic psychology tells us that it takes a suprisingly short period of time to adopt a new habit or drop a bad habit. The key if making it a top priority for relatively short period of time. After that the change should be absorbed into the ‘auto-pilot’ of your life.

Don’t be afraid to cut items from your daily checklist

Having to put down a cross everyday next to an item on your daily checklist can start to sap your enthusiasm. If you have multiple items don’t be afraid to scratch one that is causing your grief. It’s more important to feel positive and keep moving forward.




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