Marketing Plan Template for your Business Planning

by ryan

Converting a Marketing Strategy Templates into Action


Use this Marketing Plan Template for your Business Planning

In an annual Business Planning session, it took much resources to gather marketing information, competitor position, operation capabilities.

All these essential activities takes time and money. What more if the information collected is useful and current. After these data are analyzed and prioritized, then they are used to formulate marketing strategies.


In a case of a furniture manufacturer whose key function is to export the products to different part of the global marketing like Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, Europe and Asian countries. One of the marketing strategies templates that was to secure orders from these countries. One of the key action was to actively participate in the Malaysian International Furniture Fair 2017 in Kuala Lumpur between 2nd to 6th March 2017.

This marketing strategy sounds logical and quite promising in fulfilling the sales target from the fair. The management team has decided to take several key action 3 months prior to the fair.

Some of the key actions are development of new product, communicating with existing customers and business partners, publishing the furniture fair in the corporate websites aimed to act as an invitation to existing and potential customers to the fair to witness the latest products.

At the end of the furniture fair, the company managed to secured an booking value amount has exceeded the target by 10%. The management team evaluated the result and honored the achieved to the actions taken prior to the furniture fair.

The lesson learnt was a detail action plans in various departments and their inter-relation sequential activities that support the plan which makes the marketing strategy realizable. use the templates to strategize the best plan.













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