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Online Marketing Strategy Template Why Having One Is So Important

I recently did some in-depth research on the struggling online marketer and was surprised to see that 96% of them don’t have a online marketing strategy template. I was amazed to see that they were running their online business without a template in place.

I found it shocking to see these online business marketers doing everything by hand, lacking order, yet still believing they’ll be successful.

Then it dawned on me that I was casting stones; when I first started doing business online I didn’t have a  online marketing strategy template either. I’ll be honest: I had never even heard of a online marketing strategy template and certainly did not know what it entailed.

Sometime later I heard the term, dug a bit further to understand the concept and discovered the importance of having a online marketing strategy template. As soon as I build this concept into my business I started to see incredible results.

Results I never would have dreamed of before. And all because I implementing a online marketing strategy template.


How My Online Marketing Strategy Template Continuously Gives Me Incredible Results.

This Type Of Online Marketing Strategy Template Comes In Two Sections.

A. The order in which you do your marketing.
B. The automation that does away with mistakes and quickens the process.

Let’s look at the order first.

1. Analyzing keywords and research.
2. Building a search engine compatible website.
3. Search engine optimization (SEO) of the website’s content.
4. Creating backlinks to your website.

Our second step in the online marketing strategy template is automation.

1. Analyzing keywords and research automatically.
2. Automating the process of building a search engine-friendly website.
3. Automating your SEO rules for your content.
4. Creating backlinks by means of automation.

These four steps are vital to having a successful online business. Missing even one of these critical steps –or insufficiently implementing one of them– will ultimately cause your online business to suffer to the point of stemming your flow of income.

To ensure that you don’t miss any critical steps in your online marketing strategy template, automating these procedures with quality software programs is key. Without reliable, consistent template implementation your chance of failure is only one mistake away.

Using the correct software programs will not only make these tasks quicker, but will also virtually eliminate any chance of mistakes. It’s the only way to know for sure that your marketing is flawless.

Using the following online marketing strategy template to get incredible results!



Online Marketing Strategy Template For Automating Keyword Research Using Market Samurai.

keyword online marketing strategy template

The key to generating profits online is free traffic. In order to garner traffic, you must pick the right keywords. If you use the wrong keywords, all the other work you do will likely be wasted; this is a reality that most beginning or struggling marketers fail to grasp.

Discovering cash-generating, high quality, low-competition keywords is what Market Samurai does best. Personally, I do not know of one full-time web marketer that does not use this program for their keyword research.

This is the first software program I utilize in my online marketing strategy template and it accurately gives me top quality, high search volume, low-competition keywords that are highly lucrative. Trying to manually find these types of keywords is, at best, tedious and at worst, risky to your online business.

Market Samurai is my top pick in my online marketing strategy template for keyword research.

Market Samurai, $97 with a free 12-day trial. Click here for the free trial.

Online Marketing Strategy Template For Building A Website Quickly.


online marketing strategy template for building websites

Building a website from scratch can be very difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have any grasp on html or css coding.

To combat this problem a website program called WordPress has undeniably made creating a website very easy. WordPress has a built-in platform where you can change the look and feel of your site with ease.

The way WordPress is coded gives the search engine spiders a easy way to crawl WP sites. This alone gives you a advantage over other types of website building platforms.

A company called iThemes has some great-looking themes that can be customized with ease, from copy and paste to drag and drop. Within a few minutes you can have a great looking website ready for your content.

iThemes is my online marketing strategy template for building quality websites.

Online Marketing Strategy Template For Automating Search Engine Optimisation.


online marketing strategy template for seo

Getting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) correct is not easy.

Trying to remember all SEO criteria to establish a top-ranking website is virtally impossible. Overlooking just one key piece of SEO information can be dire to your website’s search engine rank.

Automating this process is the only way to make sure your website is always going to be highly search engine optimized, so using a software program for the SEO portion of our online marketing strategy template is paramount.

SEOpressor is one such program that can automate all your SEO; it’s a plugin program especially built for WordPress websites and gives you all your SEO criteria automatically. Just write your content and SEOpressor will give you a score and tips to improve your SEO.

It is the best online marketing strategy template for search engine optimization.

SEOpressor starts at $47. Click here for their website.

Update on my online marketing strategy template for search engine optimization:

 Recently I have found a new Seo wordpress plugin not yet available to the public called Seo Blog Press. From what I’ve witnessed, this could be The New Intelegence in on page Seo. Click here to get a glimps.


Online Marketing Strategy Template For Creating Backlinks On Autopilot.


online marketing strategy template creating backlinks

The final aspect to my online marketing strategy template deals with creating backlinks on autopilot. This is the powerhouse part of the online marketing strategy template that will quickly get your new website top rankings with the search engines.

Backlinking is all about placing as many of your links as possible on websites that are not owned by you. It’s another top priority that the search engines look for to see if your website and its content is being read. Google then realizes that your content is important to its searches and will give the website a higher ranking.

The problem with this technique, however, is that you need a lot of backlinks before you can attract Google’s attention. When I say a lot, I mean hundreds –or even thousands!– of backlinks are required. Trying to build that many links manually is virtually impossible and very time consuming.

This is where you need a software program like Magic Submitter. Magic Submitter will automatically place hundreds of thousands of backlinks to article directories, bookmarks, rss feeds ,video sites, and WordPress blogs in minutes with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Magic Submitter is my top online marketing strategy template for building backlinks.

Magic Submitter, $67 p/m. 30 day trial for $4,95. Click here for their website.


Seo Marketing Strategy Template Conclusion:

So there you have it: A top online marketing strategy template that will make you a super online marketer. To recap, I’ve covered all four criteria:

1) The keyword research online marketing strategy template.
2) Building a website online marketing strategy template.
3) A search engine optimisation online marketing strategy template.
4) The backlink online marketing strategy template.




Individually these are the best online marketing strategy templates you can get. Together as one unit they become the most powerful online marketing strategy template ever. When you add the cost of all programs together you can have a highly successful online business for under $300. That’s unheard of in this industry.

There’s no other business that offers this low a buy-in, and they all come with a 30- to 60-day money back guarantees so you really do have nothing to lose. Start off with your free trials and if you have any questions please use the contact page. I’ll be happy to help you!

Stop struggling and implement this online marketing strategy template today!

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