Printable Business Card Templates

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Printable Business Card Templates


Have you just started a small business and need business cards fast? There is a multitude of ways to get business cards fast and created inexpensively. So if you are in this boat don’t worry you are not stuck. Whenever one plans to get a business cards printed there are some things to consider. This article will list a few important considerations and choices that have to be made before getting start printing business cards. Once these decisions have been made it can be pretty inexpensive and easy to get business cards printed. A few of these ways are listed in this article below.

There are several considerations that need to be mulled over carefully before making any decisions to get business cards printed. If you are in too much of a hurry and skip this step the final product might not look that great. Use the questions and information below to help work through some of the considerations and choices that need to be made.

Logo First you will want to make sure you have a business logo that you will keep for a while to come and it is something that fits the business well. It can be costly to change a logo after having business cards printed as they often come in bulks of 1,000 and up. So taking time to carefully plan a logo and even having a professional do this for you can often pay off handsomely latter.

Too often people are excited to get started with their new business and they jump in with both feet before taking the time too carefully plan a logo design. Paying a professional can be an extra expense but it is often one that is worth the investment as a great looking logo will be put on business letterhead, business cards and stationary.

All of these will be used to create a brand awareness and are important to keep consistent so your customers can make the change from occasional random shoppers to loyal customers that will advertise for you through word of mouth.


Printable Business Formatted Cards



After having a logo design established and chosen it is important to think about the layout and format of your business card. They can be made in both portrait and landscape layouts and the look can be very different. So it is important to choose which one works best for your business. Traditionally business cards tend to be in landscape format but a vertical of portrait layout can work equally as well and stand out from the crowd.


It is also important to take some time and really consider the information that should be included on the business card. This will vary on the type of business but nonetheless there are some universal things to think about. You will of course want the logo on the card and then you will want to also include the business name. If you business is large then you will want to have room to include the persons name and their title or position within the company. Other crucial information are addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email and a website address.


You can easily get business cards printed up a thousand at a time for pretty cheap – these will be very basic cards without much to distinguish them.

They will often be a simple black and white card with the basic information. Often you will have a choice of a few different fonts and that is about it. If you want something that stands out a little more then be prepared to pay extra. Color business cards can cost a good deal more then the simple black and white. Also extras like embossing or watermarking can add distention to the cards but also add costs.


One of the easiest ways to get business cards fast is to use an online service. There are tons of websites and companies on the web that are willing to do a great job of printing business cards fast and cheap. These again are often in very standard formats but they will get done very fast. In fact you can often get them in two days or less.


Another way to get the cards printed quickly is to just use a local printer. One advantage is you can talk to the actual printer and make sure that things are all spelled correctly and have the right look and feel. You can also use their professional option and assistance in developing the design. One other benefit of using a local business card printer is you do not have to wait for the mail to come. This can often save some on costs and turn around time.

It will be important to look at both the options and see what each one provides an then decide on the option that fits your needs best.

Getting business cards fast is very easy but it is important to look at the above considerations to ensure the quality of the card. After all you will have 1,000 of these and it can take a long time to pass out that many business cards. So the final product will stay with your business for a long time to come at least a year or more.

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