Self Evalution Templates and Tips

by ryan

Self Evalution Templates and Tips


Self Evaluation: It starts with you and ends with you

If you were told “You Procrastinate.” Would your immediate reaction be to defend your self and place blame with your family, work life, a friend, or co-worker?

Some blame others for their misfortunes. In truth you bring on your misfortune. There is no fault (Some would like to say it is your fault.) I think that placing blame is a great waste of time.



Accept that you choose to procrastinate and will take your results. Or make a new decision. Decide to make a new choice and move forward. It is usually easier to just start the job and work through it, than to come up with new reasons to not do something.

The sooner you decide the choice lies in you. The sooner you will overcome your procrastination. Decide to move forward and you will.

Once you’ve made the decision. Determine that you will work through the situation or ask for assistance from someone who can help you. IN asking for assistance you will feel better and so will the person you asked for assistance. It is in human nature to want to assist another person.

You can change your whole life very quickly by simply making a new decision. Having the desire to change is the first step. Setting the goal to change is the next. Then you just have to act on your plan.

Sample Eval Forms:


I know this sounds a little simple. But, why make it complicated. The simpler it is the easier it is to accomplish.

Give your self permission to succeed. Take action now and move forward.

Ryan 🙂


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