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Self Help Guide : Your Will to Take Action Plans to Reach Goals

If you have a will to take action then you have the ability to reach your goals. Action speaks louder than words. Down through the centuries we can note many prominent figures that made a difference in our history.


Example of a Career and Future Goal Setting Worksheet

These people took action to achieve their goals by refusing to sit down and let someone else do it for them. Action illustrates strong characteristics of a human being. When a person is confident people will notice and are more likely to assist you reach your goals.

To help you see results of a person taking action we can consider a few historic characters. Martin Luther King Jr. is one man that stood up for what he believed, at the same time this man stood strong, went through struggles and persecutions, yet he still acted upon his beliefs to achieve his goals. Martin started out in school as we all do, arriving at the University Atlanta Lab School, and moving onto Booker. Martin scored high on tests, which sent him to college at fifteen years of age.

Born in 1929, Martin graduated with a Sociology degree in hand in the year 1948. Eager to learn, Martin participating in theological seminars, at the same time furthering his education, and throughout his course of action he received president awards. This is the turning point of his thirst to achieve further. As you can see, Dr. King Jr. had a will to achieve. Martin throughout his education won several awards, and finally awarded his degree of bachelors in the Divine. Martin continued his journey in learning as he reached high to achieve his goals.

Martin Luther King Jr. overall earned at least nineteen degrees and was finally given the Peace Prize, which no other had received in the history of peace movements. This man is a stellar example of achieving goals. This man had a goal. He wanted people to recognize him as a human being. A goal he should not have had to set. He fought for this goal; That all men are created equal and no one has the right to judge another man for his color.

Martin is distinguished in his own creation, making him a true definition of humanity.
As you can see Martin Luther King Jr took massive action toward his goals. Now ask yourself, are you willing to put forth this type of effort to achieve? Will you take action on a belief? While you may not go through the same struggles Dr. King Jr. went through, you will go through your own struggles. Thus, ask if you are ready to battle to win your race of life. How much will you fight to overcome a challenge placed in your path?

Still, you need more than action to achieve goals. For instance, a detailed and structured plan will give you power to achieve your goal and put forth the effort to achieve. While you write your goal, you can put action in its place by filling in the partial details of your plans. Thus, fill in the gaps. As you write, you should allow no room for excuses. Excuses will just make it more difficult. You will have many challenges along the journey to achieving your goal. You may possibly miss reaching your goal. You might have to reset your deadline a little into the future.

Still, you want to remember that even the best-laid plans fail, therefore keep this in mind as you write down your goals. Leave room for a backup plan to help you recover from setbacks, emergencies and the like. Backups are endorsements that provide encouragement, help, sponsorship, support, and backing. If you have backing, you have a plan.

What’s your dream? When will you have it? Write it down, then take action!


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