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by ryan

Get More Twitter Followers


If you want more traffic to your website then you should learn how to get more twitter followers. Having an online business comes down to 3 crucial things. If your going to be successful online your need to be a master at these 3 things:

Getting Traffic ( Lots of Traffic )

Generating hundreds of leads a day

Converting the leads into sales

With twitter anyone can easily start generating a following. The important thing is to get these followers to your website as soon as possible.

I highly recommend getting as many leads onto an email list and into a sales funnel asap.

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Twitter is a social networking micro blogging website. How twitter works is you log into your twitter account and post updates to all of your followers. This can be done from your phone, ipad etc. Its almost like sending out a mass text to your entire phone list. The more followers that you have the more traffic and exposure you can get. Imagine having 30,000 or even 100,000 followers… sending out updates regularly can lead to lots of traffic daily and more importantly sales.

Millions of people who use android phones, smart phones and iphones. he twitter app is installed on their devices and get get updates instantly which can lead to tons of traffic instantly.

Getting twitter Followers Benefits :

Twitter can make your website or content go viral very quickly, especially when integrated with Facebook.

The key is to have targeted twitter followers to your niche and have lots of them.

A word of advice though, do not spam links all day on twitter. Especialy is they are affiliate links – your account will get banned quickly.

Post quality content and post 5 – 10  times per day when first starting out to get maximum traffic to your links etc. Only post links to quality content. DO not post any links when you first create your account on twitter. Post a few updates without links for the first 2 – 3 days while you gather up your followers. After this time period feel free to start posting links.

How to get twitter followers –

Follow people who are following authority twitter accounts that are related to the market/ niche that your promoting.

Post updates regularly

Only follow users that have a photos and are active.

Follow the most recent followers of anyone who s is an authority in your niche. ( do this daily )

TIP: Google search terms related to your niche in Google as follows: ex: GOES HERE ( follow the followers of these accounts )

I hope this post has helped you in your journey to getting more twitter followers. Keep in mind that twitter is just the tip of the ice burg.

There are thousands of ways to get free traffic to your websites. Some of them are automated and some take time. Be sure to BOOKMARK this page to check back for regular updates and traffic tips.


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