Traffic via Twitter

by ryan

Three very easy steps to get targeted traffic via Twitter


Traffic via Twitter – Many Twitter users think that there is a big secret to generating large amounts of targeted traffic to your site or blog. The truth of the matter is that there is no secret, just follow these three steps based on a very simple strategy that when applied, will work very effectively to create your Twitter traffic magnet.

Step One:

Being friendly and helpful in the Twitter community is by far one of the most effective ways to achieve recognition and acceptance. Utilizing what you know to help fellow twitters to find solutions for their requests and questions is a must. The overall goal here is to gain the trust of the Twitter community members and to become an authority figure who is greatly valued and appreciated.

Step Two:

Being active by spending time chatting with friends, making new friends, answering questions and asking questions should be included in your daily routine. The idea behind this is not to make this a chore, but to make this your fun time on Twitter. It will take some time to get a method down, but when perfected the time will fly by quickly.

Step Three:

Next is to promote yourself by writing about things which are of interest to the community. When the article or post is completed and posted on you blog, announce to the community what you have written. Twitter members who are truly interested in you and what you have to say, will soon drop by your site or blog and read your articles or posts.


Remember to use a good balance and not promote your site all of the time. You need to use restrain here, so don’t over tweet. People will unfollow you if everything you tweet about is you and not of interest to the community.
Avoid following everybody that follows you. Be selective of who you follow and stay within bounds of your niche, interests and hobbies.
Furthermore, avoid chasing the numbers to obtain the most twitter followers which many members think is so important to do. It isn’t a race for the most followers, it is about quality!

Closing Thoughts:

Following the above three steps and using some common sense, will deliver you targeted traffic to your site or blog which is truly very hard to beat.

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