Tweet with that ReTweet button

by ryan

Tweet with that ReTweet button


If you are a Twitter user, you are going to want to add a ReTweet button to your WordPress blog. The purpose of the ReTweet button is very simple, to encourage your readers to retweet their content on Twitter.

Recently, I discovered a ReTweet button that is a small counter that displays a live count of the number of times that your site or blog has been tweeted. Currently, the retweet button is available in a number of formats, including WordPress.

The retweet plugin is very straight forward, upload to /wp-content/plugins/ directory, activate the plugin and configure the button.

You can get the code for the ReTweet button plugin at Tweetmeme, which is a service that follows the hottest stories on Twitter. At this moment, it is available in a full and compact sized version.

Additional Comments:

If you need help, try this help page at, Tweetmeme Help page.

I have tested the Tweetmeme service for a couple of weeks, works pretty good overall. However, there was some down time that can be a nuisance.

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