20 Goal Setting Worksheets

by ryan

20 Goal Setting Worksheet Templates


How to set goals

Below you will find a goal setting worksheet to help you map out and plan your long term and short term goals. Before you download the worksheet, however, it is important to review exactly how to set goals for your life.

2 Popular Examples of Templates – SMART



Create SMART goals


Avoid “Do good in college” – it’s too vague. Be specific as to what exactly you want to do.


Set a numbers based goal that you know you’ve met. Tracking and measuring inherently encourages goal setters.


Make sure you can reach your goal in the time given.


Has to be within the realm of possibility – similar to above.


Don’t make goals 5 years out – you lose a sense of urgency that can push you.

Now … Download your goal setting worksheet!

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Finally, keep in mind that you want to set a goal that means something to you. Too often people set goals that sound good generally or that may sound good to someone else. This defeats the main purpose of setting goals which is to improve your OWN life – not what sounds good to others. Also, if it does not truly come from your heart then it will be much harder to put in effort to attain this goal.

18 Goal Setting Templates:



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